Time to Transition – Kampot to Sihanoukville and on…

Transition Kampot to Sihanoukville. What a difference. In all honesty, I am going to be glad to leave Otres Village and this area. I don’t think I will be back here again. Tonight though I will enjoy a BBQ dinner at this one restaurant down the street that I like. Tomorrow I do an all day 3 island boat tour which should be fun but most of all it wastes away my last day here to nothing. I’ll probably do a little on the tour but not much. I really want Thursday to get here so I can fly off to Siem Reap for a month.

Budgeting, Finances, Tech Toys, etc…

I read a lot of blog posts about budgets and finances and how to allow yourself so many dollars a day so your money will last the trip. Perhaps you give yourself $50 a day to include lodging. Maybe meals in a place like Vietnam come in at $15 a day of that. Lodging in a hostel comes in at something that cuts some more out of it, and then there is having fun. Somewhere people can exist on $50 a day. A friend on twitter asked me what I budgeted. The truth is I really don’t know. I just spend money on the things I want or need. If its beer and food and a t shirt, that’s what it is. I also splurge on hotels every so often to ensure that I’m feeling good about the experience. In Siem Reap I will spend more money on a hotel so I can have some air conditioning, free breakfasts, good location, etc. When I look at trying to budget things, I get upset. When I get upset, I don’t have fun. So in the end I looked at the money I have across the board which is XX amount. I look at what I get in retirement each month which is YY amount. I never spend YY no matter what. There is always money left over. That money just accumulates in a checking account each month and gradually goes up. So I reach a point at a place where I say,

time to have fun! Time to splurge! Time to eat a burger or an expensive western dinner

No guilt there folks. I just do it. I also don’t keep budgets or finances because I want to be happy. I did look at how long the money would last me that I have given what comes in and what I could allow myself to spend. I have enough money in retirement and savings and two checking accounts to last me more than a decade and that’s freezing the retirement after a set number of years. The truth is that the money continues at its rate and I don’t spend the savings. And therein is the happiness equation. I can simply live forever given what I have and spend time in so many countries in Asia. I could visit Egypt and Dubai and other places too.

I’m not saying this to lord it over anyone. My real goal is that other retired people can do the same thing. There is no reason to barely squeak by in the states. Find a country you like somewhere. South America is cheap and good I read. Just find the place and then do the math. What is the quality of life you want from the adventure? Do you want to travel slowly and see things perhaps denied you earlier? You can do it! There is no magic. Its fact and truth. Money goes farther where things are cheaper folks.

I have a friend in Germany that has changed his technology ecosystem to Android, Linux, and Chromebook systems from some years of using Apple gear. I had been thinking of getting an iPad Pro for awhile but I could not really justify the purchase here in Cambodia. Then my friend made me an offer of his complete kit which includes the keyboard, pencil, the charger, the iPad Pro 10.5 and whatever other goodies. I already have the iPhone 7+ and the MacBook 12 inch 2017 model so I will add a more portable solution for airlines and buses and stuff. Its an LTE model but I doubt I will be able to use that function too easily here.

End Game here or so…

The end game here in Otres Village fast approaches. Tomorrow and Thursday is it. I stopped and talked with my friend that works in a coffee shack that I would buy Latte from each day. She is a very sweet person and I’ll not forget to get a picture of her before I leave.

The rest of this year kind of waits on the 30 days in Siem Reap and then the days in Battambang and back to Phnom Penh. Then I’ll leave for the 5 months of a trip and come back for a month and get my Chinese Tourist Visa. Wheee!

Consider your choices when you get ready to retire. Why just stumble along in the states where the cost of living will forever make a mess of your life. You can live better, easier, and have some fun. I figure when I retired, I had worked the required years and sacrificed and gave to that system. Now work is nothing but a memory and each day is my day and the moments are mine to do with as I want. Don’t you want that for yourself too?

Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.