Now Sihanoukville; next Siem Reap — a day between travel days

Last day in Sihanoukville so am kinda resting while its cool in the bungalow this morning. I have only a few things to pack for the flight tomorrow so its a good time to relax in the room with the decent wifi and listen to music and reflect on things a bit.

Last night went to Happy Pop’s Pizza in Otres Village for some of their great freshly cooked BBQ out front of the restaurant. The restaurant has a huge menu and pizza is not even noteworthy on the menu. The Khmer and BBQ foods to me are. I met a man and wife from Switzerland and we talked over our food and beers afterwards about traveling, places to visit, food to eat. We all agreed that Kampot was a very nice place to stay in and we all hope that the un-managed construction never happens there. Its too pretty a town to have casinos and shopping centers that ruin its vibe. We also talked a lot about Vietnam and some of the places there I think struggle a bit with development. Da Nang could be the sister city of Kampot. They both have this international flair and tourists visit from all over to enjoy the slower life in Da Nang as well as Kampot. We finally talked about leaving Otres and Sihanoukville and we agreed that this is not a place to come back to right away.

This morning I wandered down to the latte shack and talked with the lady that makes my morning iced latte. I always get the same thing but this morning I gave her a tip. She was flustered having not received many tips from customers. She gave me half of her baguette and insisted it was my breakfast. Her morning coffee is simply the best here in Otres and I really enjoy her smile and always waving at me as I walk by.

Today there is not much to accomplish for me so I may or may not go for a walk to reach my own goal. I could just relax and read on the kindle, do some writing, and then head over for dinner tonight at the pizza place I’ll spend my last night at here in Otres. Packing this time is with the backpack and everything since tomorrow morning I fly out of here. Its an hour flight to Siem Reap from here so once I get in, will get a tuk tuk or taxi to the hotel and check in and relax a bit and then go out and wander with the camera. Often the very first day is the best to get a sense of where things are. There are always the basic things I need like laundry services, where I can top up my SIM card, and restaurants and stores. Walking the local neighborhood is always good for that.

Once there, I signed up for three rather expensive tours which lets me set my own pace to see the sights or sites depending on where I go. I did this on purpose because I hate being rushed at a place like Angkor Wat or the other temple complexes I will visit. I did the same when I went to the Golden Bridge in Da Nang. I told the tour company to charge me more and make it my tour and I designed the places I wished to go. They provided the vehicle and guide. The money part does not really matter. What matters is being able to see the places at my pace. Spending more ensures I get what I want.

I have 30 days in Siem Reap which is the constant I book time at in a place which has a diversity of things to offer. I like the daily wandering with no big things to see so I can see the daily life of people, the streets and businesses. I like the no rush coffees in the morning and deciding then what I’ll do.

That’s about it for a day in-between travel days for me. Tomorrow its flying from here to there for a month. The year is going by and I’ll be ending the four months I set up to see some different parts of Cambodia. I changed things at least once and went to Kampot. If I had it to do over, I would have stayed in Kampot and came to Sihanoukville for a few days.

Next blog post from Siem Reap!

Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.