Siem Reap and its Temples – sites to see and places to go!

The Temples in Siem Reap chronicles began today. Very exciting to start touring the various temples and took a long tuk tuk ride through the country around Siem Reap as well. All told I will visit 10 temples over 2 days coming up. I bought the 7 day pass for three visits so I have to use the card before next Wednesday. So the temples are just all over the place and I think there are more than the ones I will see but I am gonna give it my best shot to see the variety including next Monday at Angkor Wat for sunrise. I have to be up ready to go at 5am that day.

I may do one additional tour to Tonle Sap which takes some hours via a car to do. I would like to see it. Its a biodiversity preserve and recognized by UNESCO. So what to think of the temples? They are magnificent and the ones I’ve seen are in good shape and some are being restored that have had issues. I am hopeful that the government can protect the land surrounding the temples and not let construction or other projects occur close to them. I’m looking forward to Friday when I get the second tour to see 5 temples and then on Monday when I see the final 4 temples. Its all good!

When I’m done with the tours of the temples, I am definitely not done. I still have two weeks left here to hang out, eat good food, wander the city and finally prepare for my trip to Battambang. The year is winding up and it is hard to believe it is gonna be Thanksgiving weekend in the states soon. I’ll spend Christmas in Battambang and New Years in Phnom Penh this year.

I’ve been considering a bit about creating something on the so-called written page. I’ve had a few ideas flit about. I started working on one but it felt like it was not a thing to go forward with. The best way for me to start is to start creating ideas on Ulysses and then start building new sheets are I see things which I want to write on. I’ve mentioned Ulysses before but it really a writer’s and notetaker’s tool for sure. I have it sync’ing in iCloud so I can use the mobile app as well. My problem is that I don’t use the IOS app at all it seems like.

The remaining parts of the year will be interesting since I will be getting back to Phnom Penh and then back to Kampot before leaving for Singapore. I hope to see some friends that live and work there but we shall see. If not, its not like there is a dearth of things to do in Singapore. I’m excited about the travels for next year but Cambodia is just a lot of fun for me now. This is the place I wanted whether its in Phnom Penh or Kampot. I do think its one of those two places. But even staying there longer is not living there. I will only stay to get things back together before leaving again on another slow perambulation somewhere.

That’s about it for now. Thanks for reading along. Its been fun being in Siem Reap! The food and coffee culture here are very nice! People are friendly and the sights to see are good

Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.