Working on a Longer Form Story Concept and Outline!

After starting one piece of longer content by simply starting to write and then becoming dissatisfied with it and deleting it, I decided to take the idea and try another approach to writing. I think I needed more control or definition and outlining so I could take the different parts of creating the outline and premise, characters, the plot lines and see how I could make a pre-writing approach work. My idea was that by taking an existing pre-writing step process and slightly modifying it I could create a work of fiction and literature. I had come up with what I think is a unique idea and concept that I had studied and written down a few times.

It embodies a lot of the things that I picked up the last 10 months. Travel figures prominently in it but so do a lot of other concepts perhaps based on some of the reading I do. I like reading a mix of fantasy, history, hard science fiction, and historic fiction. What I love reading is how skilled authors take the plots and narratives and arc them to cover multiple settings or worlds. I think creating worlds where the human characters can play is the most wonderful thing. I wanted to be able to experiment with this myself but do it in a way that would be unique.

So I started with an approach for pre-writing here and then started modifying it and still am to fit with what I am doing. The approach works fine for a single story line but when you have what I would call multiple plots and story lines with multiple characters both good and bad, the pre-writing gets difficult to formulate. I am not sold on the entire set of pre-writing outlines but it has let me focus on developing the ideas and concepts more than ever before.

And its a lot of fun and challenging!

So I asked myself as I got to the point of writing some of the more advanced outline data what becomes of this overall? Well, I think it becomes a novel at some point. It becomes an interesting mix of fantasy and history which I find to blend the best of both worlds. I also get to try my hand at crafting imaginary worlds but I lock them into known places.

I don’t want to yet give away the story concept and ideas and premises. I feel too tied to them and to be blunt and honest, they are my ideas and premises. I tried a few times with them but came up empty. Maybe at some point I’ll define a way to share the ideas with you in a way that I feel comfortable with.

Right now the approach is too near and dear to me and I am having fun creating the outlines with no real stress or goal to do anything else. I think it will be fun to take the outline ideas and then create the actual content. Flesh out a world. Define the characters and their good and bad relationships.

I have not written a longer story for awhile and never have gotten this far with creating a long form story. Very cool times! I can say on the average I spend a few hours a day at it now and most of it after walking the city and in the evenings after eating and having a few beers. Today I walked almost 8 miles and thought through what I really wanted some of the plot lines to be and how I could modify the existing outlines to make it easier to write what I want to write.

I think by the time I leave for Battambang I should be at a good point with the outline at a few levels. I would like to start finalizing them and looking at them end to end then and making sure they tell the story correctly. I also will modify the outline approach and perhaps share it here since I think its easier than the approach I linked above if you want to do pre-writing. I am not sold on pre-writing. But I can say that it creates a more balanced approach since you spend time capturing so many of the story content ideas, characters, how the plots will work, etc.

Fun times!

Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.