The tale my old Merrill Moab Ventilators Shoes can tell…

The cell phone rang this morning while I was reading and enjoying some moments of morning solitude. First it was someone that did not speak English and then it was a delivery driver for an overnight shipping company asking me if I could be available to sign for a package. The package was a pair of walking shoes I had shipped from my mail service to Siem Reap almost two weeks ago. They had stalled in Phnom Penh and I thought that FedEx may send them back or Cambodian customs may stop them because they had questions. But in the end, the shoes made it through and then were placed with a local delivery agent and this morning I received them!

These are the only shoes I can really wear with any comfort at all and they are not sold here so once a year or so I have to buy a new pair. My old ones have really seen better days after lasting me through the miles since March. If they could tell a story it would be:

  1. Welcome to Japan. You used me for 2 weeks and 3 cities sometimes walking further and longer. I was there for you in Tokyo, Hiroshima, and Osaka and we got to see each city together.
  2. Then we were off to Vietnam together. Thanks for taking me along! You first took me to Hanoi for three months but we did side trips to Hoi An and Hue and then we left for a few days to go to Hong Kong. I really liked Hong Kong and you put the miles on me there too. All told we spent a long time together in Vietnam and ended up going to Da Lat, Da Nang, and Ho Chi Minh City a few times. We also did a few other trips like to Nha Trang and Cham Islands. Cool stuff! All told you and I saw Vietnam for 6 months. I was there every step of the way. I’m only a shoe but I think you found some value and we got to walk some city streets, some temple grounds, got to see the Golden Bridge and so many other sights in Vietnam.
  3. Then we left for Cambodia. Oh Cambodia! You took me along for so many walks in Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville and Kampot and now in Siem Reap. I heard rumors though that perhaps my time was coming up and that new some shoes on the block would arrive. And so they did. I’m not jealous or mad. I know I am here for a mission and the new pair of Merrills and I talked a bit and they will serve you well. My time is just about done. I have some rips and tears but I’ve been loyal and steadfast here in Cambodia.

So the Merrill Moab V2 shoes have seen me through a lot and many steps and miles have been done. I’ve tried Sandals but they rub my feet the wrong way. So I always ended up back with the Merrills and they have been good to me.

Now I have a new pair and I’m good for another year. Next December I’m sure that these Merrills will have a similar tale to tell. The old ones get retired here. Their time has come and I’ll spend the last few days in Siem Reap saying goodbye to them. I don’t know about other shoes and these are not the cheapest but for my feet and the 5 to 7 miles every day I do, they are just the best for me. No break-in period. No blisters. No hurting feet. I’ve worn them for years actually and always they have been there for me. I won’t be trying other shoes or buying cheap sneakers. I’ll spend the money and let them tell their tale next year at this time.

Thanks to Merrill for making a shoe that is more than the sum of its parts. A shoe that can tell a story and be there for me in the steps I take. No product link. No affiliate. Only a recommendation from an old retired guy that walks a lot.