Writing and the Fear of Retirement — Changes will Come

Its almost the end of times here in Siem Reap. Today I took a day off from the 7 miles walking almost every day and read a lot and worked on my story. I had spent time last night also drafting down the outline to a few sections so I could manage things easier. While the 11 step pre-writing process helps a person to drill down it soon becomes way too much when looking for a thing. It gets down to the following for me:

  1. Ideas, Plots, and Premises. I dedicate some pages to the idea and premises of my story plus outlining some of the conflicts.
  2. Characters. Its easy to lose sight of the characters when they’re stuck away in some note but I think you refer back to the characters to either add one that comes upon you in a blast of impression or when you want to check a name out. At this point, I still add a character or two because as I write, I think of someone who should be in that world.
  3. Writing or the Content. I’ve come to grips with the fact that I will go back and redo the first part. I’m up to 5 chapters now and the separations are when I feel like it. Since this is a draft, things may end up with less chapters or more.

I think once you get the first two things in sight the third can come but you don’t need to reach some ideal point. I dwelled on the ideas, plot, and premises for days. I had tried before writing to them but without the ideas actually written down. I failed. I think the important thing is to get them written down. They will change as will the plot. Writing seems to be an engaging and evolving process at least for me.

We’ll see how we do as I get more of the story crafted out. Now I’m sitting in the room with some beer and watching the clock kinda tick down on my last days in Siem Reap. I’ve been here a month and will leave on Saturday for another city in Cambodia. Then I get back to Phnom Penh and down to Kampot for some days.

Next year is a traveling year. I’ll be on the road from Cambodia most of it only to return for awhile in June to get ready to go to Vietnam and Lao and then in September to prepare for China. Busy times all around.

Retirement and Quora — Some thoughts here

I answer questions a lot on Quora about aging and retirement primarily because I think people that are young have this strange idea that when a person turns an age somehow they are really not meant for much else than coffee down the street and a slow walk in the park. There are numbers of ex-pat retirees here in Cambodia and others I have met in Vietnam that would tend to disagree. The truth is and I hate to burst the young folks bubbles that nothing changes just because an age is reached. We all want the same adventures and changes and relationships that you do. After all, we have all gone through more of life than you which does not mean we are smarter. It does mean we don’t drop all the dreams and focus on the nothing of retirement. Come on young people! Give us some ability here. We are not literally waiting for the final act here. Many of us decide to leave and find a new life. Sometimes the new life is in Asia or South or Central America.

The real truth is that it sucks to retire in America. Why? Because it costs so much. Everything you want and need or desire costs too much. So people get trapped in a life there that is not of their making and perhaps they’re afraid to change. Well you guys; change is out there and it’s always happening. But I think the main thing is others get trapped with the house and car and debt and either continue to work always thinking,

oh next year I will break free! I will take that cruise. I will remove all debt. I will find a new way forward

But next year never comes and they suffer the next thing. The next thing is fear. Or I should say FEAR. All in big letters. They are simply afraid of the first thing which is change. So they stay trapped because fear of change traps them.

I hope that as you get older you see that we are not just a bunch of decrepit coffee house wanderers. We all have the star stuff essence. There is still the hunter-gatherer in us. Its just buried under a ton of fear and fear of change.

Don’t let it be. Life is there for everyone. Age is no barrier. I did it. I am no hero. I figured it out. There is no secret sauce or conditions to be met. No book to buy or link to click on. No private club to join. Its you and what you want and not letting fear and fear of change conquer your life.

Thats all! Ain’t that enough? 🙂

Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.