Battambang Fun Continues!

Today I walked down one of the major roads in Battambang to the provincial buildings and parks. Its a really nice area with large city blocks of older architecture and the city and province buildings including government, utilities, and other administrative offices. All in older buildings. Very cool! Here’s the beginnings of the photo album from here so you can see too.

What I really enjoyed today after some breakfast at the Tous Le Jours bakery which was quite good is the pace of life here in Battambang compared to Siem Reap. Life is just slower and easier. Sometimes Siem Reap seemed rather frenetic especially down in the tourist areas. Here you just wander around and find cool places to see without the pace of tourists and activities. More of a city that’s fun to wander in and see. I also get a lot of “hellos” from people especially kids. Smiles often come from older people here and people will wave to me across the street. Really a nice city to calm down in.

I have about another 1.5 weeks here give or take but I don’t haver a set pace like I did with the temple tours to get done. Each day here seems to just go on with a nice pace of walking and seeing things and the camera just captures the beautiful city and its architecture and temples.

I identified a few areas I want to see tomorrow like the markets. I was going to do that today but decided it was too nice out to spend the time hunting though crowded markets of which there must be 4 in the town. One day I shall do the markets!

Food here has been very good as well. Last night I found a nice Khmer place for chicken curry and rice. Tonight I am not sure. Restaurants here are a bit different but all are nice. You can walk down the road by the river and see different city areas that all have nice looking places to eat.

If you want to see a different side of Cambodia, I think you should see both Kampot and Battambang. Both offer a different view of a city here. Its a different view than the rush of Phnom Penh and Siem Reap.

Since the days are slower now, I end up back in my hotel room for a few hours each day after about 2pm just relaxing in the AC perhaps reading or watching some news on CNN. I also am working on my story every day just about. I don’t set some goals for that but I write new content daily because it feels good. I don’t know the end game with it but I know how I feel doing it and it’s worth it.

Last thing is that it appears I will do Christmas in Battambang since its next week. Then I will do New Years in Phnom Penh because I leave here on a bus on 29 December for there. I don’t really have a strong feeling about the holidays any longer or observing any set holiday for some reason or other. I have seen Christmas decorations both in Siem Reap and here.

So its interesting that life here is at a much nicer pace and people seem to like it immensely here. The town appears older and the city blocks have a rather fun look to them with these streets and blocks that have small businesses and restaurants and coffee houses. I’ll take some photographs tomorrow of some of the city blocks because I think they are really neat.