Good Morning Battambang!

Now its a Wednesday morning and I decided to take some time this morning in the hotel room with an iced latte before I head out for the day. I found a nice little latte stand down the street the sells the morning blast of coffee for $1.00. Its kinda like what I’ve done off and on since being here. Find a nice coffee stand and take the morning Iced Latte back with me to the hotel. Now that I have that out of the way, I can look at what I want to accomplish for the day if anything.

Today is more of wandering along the river as far as I can go along the road by the river. Battambang is a nice city to walk around in. Its big enough to have places to always go but it also has this beautiful provincial and government area that is nice to see.

Here’s a sample that I tried to upload via wordpress that it did not like. The architecture is really beautiful and old buildings are something I really admire here in Cambodia.


I have about 1.5 weeks left here in Battambang and then will make my way back to Phnom Penh for a few weeks and then on to Kampot.

After that I hit the road for 5 months so I am getting really excited to get back to Singapore after 8 years and also get to Malaysia and Thailand. The 2019 travels are looking pretty good. I had decided awhile back to visit Vietnam again but had this trip planned out to reach Saigon, Da Nang, and Hanoi. I’ve since changed that plan and will make it to Saigon but then will visit my friend Lily in Can Tho and then I don’t know. Perhaps I will go to Pho Quoc Island. I’d like to make it up to Da Nang as well. 

At the end of that trip I’ll get to Lao for a month or so and then come back to Phnom Penh to get some passport stuff done. I need to have my retirement extension of stay extended for a year and also get a Chinese tourist visa since I plan on leaving in early October or so for China.

I had thought that my daughter may get married in 2019 and I would to back to the states for awhile. I don’t see that happening at this point and I think I would fly back the opposite way since she is in Florida. I don’t really want to go back to the states at all. Everything there is just expensive and I have nothing there any longer to get back to. I just feel more alive, better and more equipped each day here but like a friend remarked I could do the Amtrak train trip then across the US. Who knows? One of the joys of the travel after June is that I don’t have really set destinations and I don’t mind going back to places. I love Vietnam!

Some final tech and application notes if you’re interested…

I have been using Ulysses for a bit now but made a decision to make a change to things across the board. The tools I decided to adopt for writing and note keeping and even this blog are not separate from Ulysses. I’m using:

  • Day One – journaling and diary. It presents a nice daily view and also includes location information so I can see where I was when I did a specific journal entry. I saved off the old clear text files to google drive so I can read them when I want.
  • OneNote – I used OneNote for some years before for work and it was always a really nice experience. It would sync to my handheld and also allow multiple sync locations such as personal oneDrive and work. I went back to OneNote but deleted the old work notes and also setup my travel containers for 2019.
  • MarsEdit – Blogging on WordPress. The truth is that Ulysses will do this but its just not the same experience as using a dedicated blogging tool. 

I’m still on the Apple platforms (iPhone and my MacBook) because they just work the best for me on the road. My unlocked iPhone 7 plus has been really stellar for me on the road and the laptop is a perfect size. I’ve grown to really appreciate the attention Apple puts into the integration points of their ecosystems. I ended up also buying a gently used iPad Pro 10.5 from my friend Mikka and I think its shipping to the hotel I stay in in Phnom Penh since they are nice enough to accept my packages when I travel. I will be using all three since I still like the MacBook 12 inch but I view the iPad Pro as a mobile device as well since it has LTE and will do mobile data here in Cambodia on the same network I use on my iPhone. I would have to buy a separate SIM card and data plan for it at SMART.

Anyways, that’s a bout it for now. Good morning Battambang! I see you are cloudy somewhat today so I’ll just hang out in my room with the iced latte for awhile. No hurry.