Travels to come in 2019 and Technology and Other Thoughts

I’ve gone this way and that about travels in 2019 but last night booked two months to Vietnam. I’ve come t realize its not about reaching numbers of countries or continents for me. Its about going to the places that matter whether I’ve been there or not. Vietnam is one of my favorite places and two months lets me get back to Saigon and then to Can Tho and perhaps Da Nang and Hanoi. I’m going to book two weeks to Lao as well in September.

In October I will be going to China for a month since October seems to be a good time to visit. I’d like to do three or four primary places there. Its nice having Cambodia as a long term retirement home so I can get back and not worry about visas or entry requirements.

Come January things are gonna be so much fun! Getting back to Singapore for a week and then 90 days in Malaysia and the four places I decided to visit there. I’ll be on the road for 5 months then and will see three countries. I’m also fast approaching the end of the 4 months I setup to visit some places here in Cambodia. All of the places were good in one way or another. I would not choose to go back to Sihanoukville but I’m forever in love with Kampot and Siem Reap and Battambang are very special to me. I could always just return to one of those and feel really good. 

New Technology for me!

I think when I get back to Phnom Penh I should have an iPad Pro 10.5 LTE model waiting for me at the hotel. The iPad will be a good mobile choice for me but I don’t think I would give up the laptop unless I felt some compelling reason. The 2017 MacBook 12 inch laptop is a great travel buddy to me. Its powerful enough to run a variety of applications and small enough at about 2.5 pounds to take wherever I want. Of course I have to live a dongle lifestyle and I have one that does USB C power, ethernet and USB ports plus SD card support.  I still think its important to have an ecosystem that will support you on the road and its easier if its the same. I don’t particularly love Apple stuff but the updates and support have been quite good on the road. Sharing applications is also really good when I can see the same user experience in Day One or OneNote on my iPhone or laptop. 

The real thing with technology on the road I’ve learned is that it must enable you. Enable you to blog or write or take photographs or whatever spins your dials. If your chosen stuff does not do that, you should consider moving along to another set of solutions that does. It does not have to be apple stuff. You could settle on android and chrome devices. Just as long as you can do the things you need and none of its really a stretch and it provides and promotes a mobile lifestyle which is really important when I only have a backpack and daypack to go with me. I don’t want to pack it full of stuff for technology so power too becomes important. You have to also find the power and charging devices that will work for you. 

Photography this and that…

I spend some time looking at things through my FujiFilm X100F and thinking about some others I track or follow on twitter or instagram that do photography. There is a lot of talk about genres and types of photography. Do you do Travel Photography or portraits or street photography or landscapes? I wonder how many hobbyist photographers don’t do any of those but mix them all up and shake them out and do whatever it is they want with the camera? I’ve seen people on twitter not post black and white photographs in fear of what their followers on social media may say or not say or like or not like. This is hard to believe to me I guess. It kind of short circuits the whole creative and expressive thing and I could never do that. 

I think many of us want the camera not to belong to some genre but to self express and remember and share. I take my share of decent and bad photographs but they are all saved and placed in the cloud and I can share entire albums if I wish to social media. 

Consider when you are on the road with the camera what it is you are after. The best feeling or belonging to some genre. That one thing that may mean you are not a landscape photographer but you express yourself down an alley in Hanoi. Do you do it? I hope so. Its not really the camera that matters at all when you get down to it. It may go to the old advice of “F8 and be there” but it will becomes a thing if you have fun with the camera, you enjoy taking it with you and creating. I think for the millions of hobbyist and avocational photographers we simply want to enjoy and express and have fun. Then share. But the primary thing is the expression and joy of just doing it. As I’ve said before, shoot on automatic or shoot on aperture priority or use manual focus. Find the fun and joy in it and the learning will follow. 

For me, the FujiFilm X100F has become the best after dismal experiences with the X-T2. I won’t be buying another camera for awhile because I feel that what I have now satisfies the fun and use things and also gives me the JPEGs to share.

In the end, it is the fun of it all for someone like me.