Saturday Evening Travel Thoughts

I’ve just about completed the travel through Cambodia I had setup back at the end of last year in my room in Newark, California. I had known I wanted to travel through Cambodia for 4 months or so and see a different city each month. I did not know then I would be going on to Singapore in January and then on past that and would also make 2019 a full travel year. Now I’m at a week left in Battambang and have only a few things to get done. One is an all day tour in a Tuk Tuk I bought for $25. I get to go to points north and south of the city all day long to see temples, the bamboo railroad, and other things. After that I have 4 days to wrap things up here and get ready to get back to Phnom Penh for about 1.5 weeks. I’ll see my friends at the LaLune Hotel again and will hopefully talk them into going to dinner with me in the city a few times. Then its off to Kampot for 1.5 weeks as well before leaving for 5 months. I have a number of places to revisit there for food and beer including a great burger place or two.

I was thinking this evening walking back about the travels thus far in Cambodia and the pace. It pretty much has reaffirmed that I am doing things the right way for me. The slow travel gives me so much time to see things. Still amazes me sometimes I spent 3 months in Hanoi but I would never trade that time. Hanoi is worth that long easily.

I will also get back to Vietnam later in 2019 for almost 3 months. I really never want to say I am done with Vietnam. Its this place that has so much to offer but I cannot simply live there. There is no place I simply want to live. I want to find a place that has a retirement visa that I can get with no problems and then leave as soon as I get it. Cambodia is so perfect for that for me. Having the year long visa here means I can get back with no questions asked when I am done traveling each time. Very cool!

This trip has seen me reach Sihanoukville, Siem Reap and Battambang; but I also made it to Kampot. So an extra city tossed in. I have to say that Cambodia has just captured me and really fits well with what I want out of my life. Its a simple life with no real challenges each day. Every thing I need just comes. The days seem to be so long sometimes compared to when I worked those 16 hour days with Gantt charts and milestones and vendors and network and data center challenges. People yelling at me and vendors telling me a thing could not get done yet we did it. I don’t miss any of that. It was a hell life but like a told a friend there, I would never have traded the time there because it gave me yet another thing for which I am grateful.

So I’ll leave you with this. If you decide to make it to Cambodia; go slow. Each place has a thing to offer. Siem Reap and Angkor Was, Battambang and the slow and gentle pace of life. Kampot and the easy pace of things. Food is everywhere and like someone told me,

If you are hungry and in Cambodia, something is wrong.

I’ll leave this here for now. My kindle is beckoning and the evening slows down to a pace I like. Food is done and the evening slows to the pace I like. The AC hums along and I can hear the block outside my hotel window already quieting down. Battambang is a quiet city at night and I like it.