Start to the day in Battambang – Coffee Culture at its Best!

Its another beautiful day here in Battambang. Every day just seems to get nicer and warmer. I guess its because its the dry season here so there is no rain, lots of warm temperatures, warm breezes and a bunch of coffee stands that need my attention. Every morning, the coffee culture shines here in Battambang. You can expect to find a cute little coffee stand like this almost down every block.

IMG 1882

These all provide a variety of coffee services and you can get a nice iced or hot drink for about $1 US or $4k Riel. The stands are usually really nicely decorated and have a line of local folks and others waiting for a drink at many. You get the drink to go normally and the only really bad thing is the amount of plastic which is given along with the drink. I wish that they would not give the plastic take away sacks by default and I usually ask them to not give one. Its part of the culture here though which while I understand I don’t like because plastic garbage can be found at beautiful places like Otres Beach in Sihanoukville. 

The coffee stands though are the main thing here and I really like how they provide so many different drinks and if you’re concerned about the language thing, I have found that “latte” is “latte” and after you visit one a few times they get used to you and will know what you want. The one down the street from my hotel has a nice family that owns it and they always tell me good morning and know the drink I want. 

This type of thing does not exist in the states at all that I know and once you see how it pervades the culture here and in Vietnam with takeaway coffee shops that have windows on the street, you can understand how big a deal coffee is here. Of all places though, its Vietnam for coffee. I enjoyed the coffee culture experience all the places I went and they pride themselves on the service. From a little local place serving Vietnamese Phin coffee in Da Lat the day I was leaving, to beautiful coffee shops in Ho Chi Minh City, coffee simply rules!

Its easy to simply find the local coffee stand in whatever city in Cambodia and just head there and get in line with the locals who all smile and say hello! Everyone enjoys the blast of coffee but one thing I’ve noticed especially in Vietnam is that coffee shops will sell iced coffees a lot more than hot. Here in Cambodia you can get the hot lattes but in places in Da Nang and Hanoi a lot of places did not do hot coffee at all. 

If you Travel here or Vietnam…

Be sure to do the coffee. In Vietnam its Egg Coffee and its home is Hanoi. Forget the clickbait posts that tell you the five best places. Just find a local shop and order. They all do it. But if you want a recommendation; try The Note by Hoan Kiem Lake in the old quarter in Hanoi. I don’t like recommending places because what’s good for me is bad for you but The Note is a fun place to hang out. You will understand why its called that once you go :-). If you happen to be in Da Nang and you should end up there for so many reasons, check out Wonderlust by the riverfront. I stayed just blocks from there and it was my morning stop. Their French Fries are good too! There are bakeries there. In fact, Da Nang has just about it all and its all there for you to find. Best way? On foot of course.

In Cambodia, the coffee shops often have food but I have found that the best bet f you want food is a bakery. There are a number I enjoy but most have very fresh baked goods. Just look on Google Maps if in Phnom Penh for Tous LeJours Bakery. You can get freshly baked goods and coffee there.

So that’s the start to many a day in Cambodia now. The nice little coffee stand down the street where you can grab one to go and even chat with the locals who are always fun to talk with. Coffee is a big deal here so the culture of how its done, served, sold is very important and its fun!