A Day Tour North and South of Battambang and Bye Bye Twitter

I’m gong to be uploading the almost 90 photos I took so will provide the album here tomorrow but I wanted to mention the 10 hours or so spent touring Battambang. We saw fishing villages, markets, old bridges, historic sites natural sites, a rice wine distillery where I got to taste some pretty powerful snake rice wine, rice paper creation and fresh spring rolls cooked right there, and then we were still not done. Did the Bamboo Railroad and the Bat Caves. So much to see! 

This was probably the best tour since we got to visit so many locations and also see the amazing rice fields and countryside around Battambang. It was also a simply lovely day today so taking photographs with the FujiFilm X100F was a joy!. I’ll be sure to post the album tomorrow in a blog post.

Getting back at about 6pm, I had to pick up laundry and pay my wonderful tour guide who took me miles and miles across dirt roads, highways and filled in so many gaps for me on the history of Battambang. I feel really fortunate to be able to have this tour right before I leave for Phnom Penh! I will resist a clickbait post of the 5 things you should see. There are more and like I said before, your 5 are not gonna be mine.

Social Media Sayonaras…

I had decided to kill of my instagram accounts awhile ago. I had two of them. One later one and an original one I could never log into that they finally decided to let me get back in. I logged in some days ago and killed both off. Then there was Twitter. Oh Twitter! I think you have problems or maybe I do. Your problems are like the other social media sites. You are one instance of a huge thing with I don’t know how many gazillions of people have accounts. You have ads and outages, problems with content and only allow 4 photos at a time but you also have problems sometimes even uploading those. I decided at first to try Flickr but it has the same problems. Its Monolithic and has ads and the free accounts re changing after 1 January. Something else was needed. Something open source with different instances and focused on a specific thing but that would let me see others. It exists! I found Mastodon which is a federated and instance based open source social media network. Then I found one for photography! Yay! I can install an app on the iPhone and be able to upload photo’s, see the local and universal timelines, friends have found me and followed me. So as soon as I saw what it was all about, it was pretty obvious that Twitter is just defective compared to a federated, instance based social media resource which just happens to not have ads.

I also had decided there were too many social media resources I had was a member of. Facebook is a given because I have friends there. But Twitter and Instagram? What do they do for me? I figured out not much really. Twitter does not really provide a platform for different types of users or those wanting specific resources or groups or communities. Instead its one big mess of people and hashtags and meetups. Some day I think it will change but not within the time I am willing to wait.

So Twitter went bye bye today. My 1800 or so followers will do fine I am thinking. They have twitter after all and all those tweeps to find out there. I have Mastodon and my instance that does photography and I can branch out to others. To never see an ad and the stupid notifications and the news blurbs that I never opted in is a joy.

I wanted to really cut down the social media networks in favor of a few that would raise the bar. I think Mastodon does that. It must be better than Twitter and Instagram because they got nothing around community and groups.

So that’s the two stories of the day! Wonderful day and soon I leave Battambang for Phnom Penh.