The Home Base Place in Phnom Penh

I left Phnom Penh almost 3.5 months ago or so for Sihanoukville and then visited Kampot, Siem Reap, and Battambang. Today I returned to the home base and got back to the very special hotel here in Phnom Penh I call home base. Its the nice LaLune Hotel where they welcome me back with hugs and upgrade my room and are glad to see me. Tonight I celebrated with a Baguette kinda like one of those Banh Mi sandwiches from Vietnam and it was good with a few beers. Then I sat in front talking with a few people here after the owner let a number of guests know I would be returning for a visit. Tomorrow I’ll probably hang around here and go for a walk and maybe have coffee down the street at the latte stand I like here. Breakfast is free though so may do that first and then get the coffee down the street.

I don’t have a set number of places here in Phnom Penh to go or things to do so will be taking the days as they come and just enjoying the time back here. I am going to get a haircut and beard trim at the Tokyo Barber Shop, get to the Russian Market, and also eat a few dinners and drink a few beers down at the riverside. There are some other restaurants I would like to try this time that I did not do last time though. 

Being back here is a relaxing and good thing for me. Its like a break in the traveling or moving for awhile at a known thing. I can easily make it in a tuk tuk or walk to places I know. I kinda know my way around Phnom Penh and its nice.

So, not a whole lot to say besides I’m glad to be back and the bus ride today was very nice. I rode on the Cambodia Post VIP Van service which is a government entity and they are very respectful and drive carefully. We also left early! 

More on the adventures starting tomorrow after some coffee and wandering around the hotel area. I love the local area here since its not touristy and there are little markets and shops and stores and a whole bunch of coffee stands!