Phnom Penh Days

Here at the hotel, there are lots of guests staying. Many tuk tuk drivers taking them to spots in or out of the city to tour around. I think besides walking which is my favorite that a tuk tuk is the best way to get around. I don’t care for motorbikes at all here or in Vietnam. During the tour in Battambang, I rode in one for almost 11 hours and its very comfortable plus easy to shoot photographs out of the sides. Today though its gonna be my preferred method of getting around. Gonna go for a walk later around the hotel and its neighborhood. Tonight, may do something different for dinner. Been thinking of this place called the Magnolia Restaurant which I can get a grab to. Its kind of a mix of Vietnamese and Khmer foods at the higher level or perhaps will try a local place. There are places around the hotel I have not tried yet like a bbq down the street which I would be keen on trying. Its always fun because no one speaks English and they are very focused on helping you enjoy the meal. Last time I did bbq here, they did all the cooking for me. 

I made an appointment to get my hair cut and beard trimmed over at the Tokyo Barber Shop downtown. I will probably go on that day and walk down to Central Market or over to the riverside for awhile. Once I get over to that side of Phnom Penh, walking is the best way to get around. There is also a day tour I may do here to two historic sites I have not been to. It would be all day long with the hotel tuk tuk driver who is a very nice person. 

Since I don’t have defined places to go or sights to see, I don’t feel like I have to make some schedule of places like museums or parks or historic sites to see. I can just take care of some things as I go and enjoy the three weeks I have here. Now its the iced latte that the very pretty lady makes down the street who happened to remember me and knows what I like in the mornings. Next its just relaxing some hours with the TV and the AC and just being here. Time will come to hit the road and do the traveling and walking the 7 to 10 mile days soon enough.

I was reflecting on the places I went over the last 4 months here in Cambodia. It was such a difference of places and things to see that I can really recommend a person with time on their hands do a similar thing. 

Area map of Cambodia

Whether a person spends a month or a week in places, it still works out very well!. I just include a map of the Kingdom so you can see the places to go and perhaps even add more to your list I did not reach. There are other places I would like to go here, but for the next year or so I have travel defined to many other places so won’t be back here to travel more for awhile. 

There is also one place I would wait on to see unfortunately. I would not go to Sihanoukville now due to the almost unmanaged construction and mangling of roads and infrastructure there. Chinese casinos, hotels, condo’s are all over the place there even out at removed Otres Village which used to be a sleepy little beach village but now has a huge development right next to it of a village where Chinese will live that I am guessing will work and stay there. 

To turn all clickbaitish, here is a list of where I would go if you have time here.

Kampot – I would highly recommend visiting Kampot. Located by a river with sleepy charm, great restaurants and places to visit plus a relaxed feeling its great to stay at for awhile. I spend a week there and loved it. There are plenty of ex-pats and tourists that visit the many wonderful eating establishments and pubs around the city and the food choices are wonderful! So visit Kampot I would say. Take some time. 

Siem Reap – You should visit Siem Reap. The UNESCO archeological sites are just wonderful but that is not all that SR has going for it. There is a party vibe to the town that is hard to shake off. Even away a bit like where my hotel was you can feel it. The restaurant scene is the best and if you are a foodie you will definitely appreciate everything from small Khmer places to nice steak restaurants with tacos and a great breakfast at Sister Srey thrown in.

Battambang – This is one of those understated cities. Its older and you can feel a gentle and slower pace to how the city moves. Don’t think though that there is only the city. My day long tour of points north and south included just about all the sites worth seeing I think. Everything from the fun Bamboo Railroad to beautiful temples and pagodas. There are also small fishing enclaves and rice wine and rice paper industries to visit. Everything rice! Because this is the rice heartland of Cambodia.

Finally, the one place I said not to visit is deserving of a few words. I stayed three weeks in Otres Beach and the views of the beach are wonderful. Otres Beach is a long stretch, perhaps a few kilometers long of a sandy beach. You can walk the entire thing since its all open and there are secluded beach front hotels, small Khmer restaurants, and still a charm but my take is that its going away forever as the city loses out to the almost un-managed construction just about everywhere. In all honesty, I could not wait to fly to Siem Reap and get away. Maybe if you were gonna go, take a few days and see some of the islands that are not mangled.

Anyways, I hope that talks you into visiting the Kingdom here. I think there is something for everyone even excluding some comprehensive list of stuff in Phnom Penh to do. There is plenty to do here as well and you can spend a week or two doing it or even days if you are in a rush. I am never in a rush though. I like spending the time over the iced latte that the pretty lady sells me :-).

Author: Michael Perry

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