Things for 5 months

I had decided to get the sandals and socks and had also started looking at smaller backpacks or daypacks I could carry easily on days out. It would hold my camera, extra batteries, perhaps the smaller bag with some money in it and any goodies I would buy like t shirts or smaller souvenirs on the road. I only have room for small things so postcards and things like that work well. If I buy a t shirt, one of my cheap Cambodian t shirts have to go. I have mostly “fake” North Face gear now which I have liberated from markets in Ho Chi Minh City and here in Phnom Penh or Siem Reap. Today I decided to head to the Russian Market. The goal was not only to find a smaller daypack but also to tour around more of the local neighborhoods around the market. I found the daypack and also saw so many cool neighborhoods and restaurants that if I were staying, it would be a no brainer choice to live around the Russian Market. 

Back to the daypack though and my usual adventures bargaining. I found a smaller North Face K2 daypack which the lady started at $15 for. I offered $10. She said $14. I tried $12. We settled on $13. As usual by the end of the 10 minutes we were both laughing. I felt I got a good deal for a decent backpack even if its a fake. My Surge backpack has been sturdy and a great travel companion since I got it in Ho Chi Minh City right outside of the Ben Thanh Market. 



The backpack today has very sturdy zippers and the material looks really good! If it lasts six months I spent $13 on it, I’m good.

As I mentioned the whole idea is to have a decent daypack which I can fold up and put inside my Tortuga Outbreaker travel backpack. I have plenty of room in the backpack since I’ve downsized the clothing and now the t shirts and other stuff weighs much less than before with the heavy duty socks and stuff.

Now I have 3 North Face bags which all work very well for me. 

Walking Back…

I also walked back to the Hotel after touring around the market for an hour or so. It took me about 2 hours to wander back to the hotel and I put in all told about 5 miles around and in the market and then wandering this way and that back home. It felt really good to be out walking today since the weather had started rather nice and cool and breezy out but by the time I was done in the market, it had warmed up to about 32C. 

Walking in Phnom Penh does require some attention. Bikes and cars and other vehicles pay absolutely no attention to pedestrians whether the are Cambodian or others. Its not a huge risk but I cannot just walk like some do here with their smart phone out studying whatever. I have to be observant. The other thing is that sidewalks are not really meant for pedestrians. They are really overflow driving areas for motorbikes for the most part. The motorbikes will get up on the sidewalk and even honk at the pedestrians that happen to be walking there like school kids or tourists. Its just the way it is here so when walking the city I got used to the vagaries of walking here.

Then there was Now 🙂

After putting on what I think is a good walk back, I’m relaxing today in the room thinking that dinner may very well be pizza tonight. There is a place I’d like to try called Brooklyn Pizza Delivery. With only a few days left, I don’t have a particular set of things to do. Tomorrow I may take off for this other mall for awhile or go to the museum again or the Wat Phnom. I really like it there! Sunday gets here and I’ll be kinda packing. Singapore is gonna be incredible to see again and then there’s Malaysia. I don’t think I’m meant for staying in one place long. Even though I really like the Russian Market area, living here would be boring.

So now is now and soon tomorrow arrives and the road will beckon. Places to see each day. Long walks with the camera. Good food and beer. Its all so good!

Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.