Day 4 in Singapore is all wrapped up!

Welcome to Thursday in Singapore! Its my third day here and ended up walking yet another way around the city-state. Singapore is so big of a city that I can find a new way to walk from the hotel every day and see a new view of the city! Very cool. I also decided on a few things I have to do in the next three days before I leave for Malaysia. Here are some places I need to reach:

  1. Little India. I went by there today but decided to mark it for a return visit via riding the MRT one day. I will probably do this tomorrow. I’d like to spend the day in and around Little India with the camera.
  2. Orchard Area. I would like to get down to the Orchard area since I have a lot of memories of staying down there before and would like to see it again. Food is much more expensive down there so I would probably go for a day and have an early dinner there but pick a nicer restaurant.
  3. Gardens by the Bay. The beautiful flower and tree gardens.

I think that this will take a day for each thing pretty much and each one is better done using the MRT service from by the hotel. Tomorrow I’ll ride it to Little India and spend the day walking around.

I’ve spent a day or a week on using my different applications for notes, writing, blogging, and journaling. I reached the point today where it seemed each thing was a completely separate entity and to share data between them became difficult. Sure, I could copy and paste but what I came back to was a single application which shares the experience and use across the board. So, today sitting in the room, looking at the places I want to get back to, it just became evident. I need to use Ulysses. It is just easier because its the same user experience. It means my travel notes are a bit different but really what I want is the data. I am writing this now in Ulysses and it publishes to my blog easily.

Not gonna say I won’t change again because most likely I will. The truth at this moment is that Ulysses just works better and is consistent. Let’s just take it day by day and see how it goes.

I also added a few more photos to the album I shared earlier. Give it a look!

Down to the days here…

Now I am down to three days left here in Singapore so will make an attempt to eat, drink, walk, and enjoy my times here as much as I can. I really love this place. The mix of food, people, different things to see and great conditions for pedestrian tourism makes things great. Get this Cambodia! People actually stop in buses and cars and bikes and let me cross the road. Power to the Pedestrians! One of the major nags here is that food is expensive. I have not really found that but if you eat in the major tourist zones and not at the street kitchens or hawker stands it can be. Beer is more expensive than food! Go find a local 7/11. They are all over the place and will sell you the beer for cheaper. Also, there is no need to buy bottled water here. Water is safe from the tap to drink. That is different from Cambodia and Vietnam. Nice to be able to just do the basic stuff without worrying about water.

I’ll close this out now. Stay tuned for my Little India travel tomorrow and photographs with the stunning Fujifilm X100F! All good times.

Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.