A day in Little India, Sim Lim Square, and riding the MRT lines

Today was a fun day! I rode the Singapore MRT to Little India for the day today and walked around the streets and alleys filled with jewelry shops, restaurants, and craft shops. Lots of people were visiting today. I walked across the street to Sim Lim Square which is a large electronics shop on multiple floors and walked a few levels plus to see the food court which I had not seen before. Then I crossed over to Bugis which is an enjoyable market and food court area to visit. I had decided to look at some socks and t shirts. I found 3 pair of socks for $12.50 which seemed a bit much so I declined that and I could not find XXL shirts so did not buy a Singapore shirt. If I can find one though tomorrow or Sunday, I’ll get one and replace one of my Cambodia shirts with one from Singapore.

I bought the 3 day MRT pass today which lets me ride on the MRT lines as much as I want through Sunday at midnight. From here on out, my wanderings will start with a ride on the MRT to a new place or places. I have two more days to investigate and two places to get to. I may combine some places tomorrow and ride the MRT in-between.

I’ve updated my photo album and just for ease if you want to see it, here’s the link for it. All in all, just a great day visiting a very interesting location, having lunch which turned out to be a Masala Dosa in a very nice Indian restaurant that was reasonable in cost as well.

This evening I started planning out the remaining places I want to get to. Tomorrow I will ride over to the Gardens by the Bay which is a huge open space in the city-state. I will also visit Fort Canning tomorrow which is a few KM walk from the Gardens.

Next Steps and Next Places…

Hard to believe that this was a week in a place like Singapore. I had spent the last months in Cambodia and had looked at this 5 months and 3 countries with a lot of interest and desire to be able to walk farther each day with the camera. So far, so good! Walking has been very good here in Singapore. I would say the the city-state is pretty pedestrian friendly. 

On Monday I’ll leave again. Not quite sure if I will return any time soon. My goal this time was to get to see places I had not seen before or could not remember. I think I will have done that thanks to the 3 day tourist pass for the MRT.

So, two more days to go here and some good food to still eat ;-). 

Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.