Saturday in Singapore – Gardens by the Bay, Fort Canning and the Downtown Core Area

Today later will ride over to the Gardens by the Bay to see the amazing botanical displays and also wander around the downtown core area with its more expensive food courts and restaurants, historic and cultural sites, and shopping. Since I have the 3 day SMRT pass which gives unlimited rides, I’m changing out how I do the visiting of places. I picked a few places I have not been here to see these last few days which are easier reached by the SMRT that runs in so many directions in Singapore. I want to walk the downtown core area and see those places away from the garden area and stop at one of the more touristy hawker centers to have late lunch/early dinner today.

Its been now 5 days of wandering the city-state and its just as amazing and beautiful as the last time I was here in 2011. When I flew out from Phnom Penh I had no pre-conceived notions of things to see or do. I was concerned about the food prices which have turned out to be much cheaper than anticipated at the small food centers in Geylang area.When I first saw the area, it is a bit removed from the main attractions but I had realized I would get the tourist SMRT pass which would let me ride unlimited for a set number of days and I could change how I do the walking and seeing to catching the SMRT first and then seeing an area or three. Yesterday this worked out well going to Little India and then walking all around there and seeing the Bugis area including Sim Lim Square. The area is a big shopping and market district and Sim Lim is about 7 stories of electronics which I won’t shop in at all. I don’t trust the products there. I’ve read horror stories of people not getting what they paid for. Its much better for me to go across the street if I were wanting a lightning cable or something and visit with the local guy who has to be here every day selling his stuff. I trust him more.  I had also thought of buying a new iPhone here. The iPhone XR looked good but I doubt that will happen. The iPhone 7 plus 128gb version still works a treat for me for how I use the phone. 

Now its coffee in the room time in the morning and looking at the day developing out the hotel window. It gets light much later here than Cambodia so I wake up sometimes thinking its still very early morning and its after 7am. I have to admit to feeling very removed from the news in the states these days. I feel really badly for those furloughed that are dedicated federal employees and contractors. I would find it very difficult to have my loyalty tested by a wall that’s not necessary or that will really achieve its purpose. I hope sometimes that our current political machine becomes better but that is not going to happen until 2020 it appears when we can get someone that is not intent on ruining global alliances, turning back environmental quality regulations, or suffering from a level of corruption and deceit that seems incredible. I don’t turn political often here because the blog is about travels and retirement and sometimes photography but we have really gone backwards. Shameful.

Now I’ll get off the political soapbox and mark this as a draft post and come back after another wondrous day visiting Singapore!

After Gardens By the Bay!

I got back after about 4 hours wandering the Gardens by the Bay. Simply a beautiful place to wander around. Just made for walking and taking pictures of the beautiful downtown core area of Singapore. Having the 3 day tourist SMRT pass is really nice. I can just ride wherever I want up until midnight tomorrow night so I have been taking the service to wherever I decide would be fun. Most of Singapore is reachable via SMRT and they have numerous systems that run east to west, north to south, downtown, etc. I got to the Gardens by the Bay quite easily with the service this morning after coffee and pastry. 

After getting back I started looking at my last full day here. I am going to ride over to Orchard and Fort Canning tomorrow and stop at some intermediate spots to walk around. I feel like I have seen parts of Singapore by walking each day that I otherwise would have missed completely. The week seems to have gone by pretty quickly!

With only one full day left before leaving for Kuala Lumpur, I have a few little logistical tasks to get done. I had thought of getting a T shirt here until I saw all of them are $10 each. I guess I am a cheapskate but I have bought any number of shirts in Cambodia for $3 each and they are higher quality so I think I’ll wait unless I find one tomorrow on my travels that looks good.

The photo album I linked yesterday will have the the pictures from today as well. Its been a good time visiting again. I got done after today with a number of places I had set to get to. After tomorrow’s blogpost, I’ll be hopping a bus for the ride to KL which takes some hours. I’ll be there longer so can kind of settle in and hopefully find a place to get laundry done, get unpacked a bit, and start investigating another city! 

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