Sunday in Singapore – Last Day to Explore

Today is my last full day in Singapore. I did not make it to Fort Cannell yesterday so will get there today along with some of the downtown area I would like to see along with a late lunch downtown before heading back. The area has museums and historic sites along with the park and a lot of shopping. Since I have the 3 day tourist pass I can get to the Fort area pretty easily on the East-West line from my starting point by Starbucks here. 

Tomorrow I leave for Kuala Lumpur and at first was going to ride the bus which takes about 5 hours. I decided to check to see if I could fly for less than $100 USD at the last moment. Of course it’s possible! I booked an AirAsia ticket for tomorrow later in the day which takes an hour from Changi. Getting into KLIA, I ride the express train to KL Sentral which takes 30 minutes and my hotel is a 10 minute walk from the drop-off point. Not bad! I always am in favor of getting transportation which is cheap but I also like an option like the cheaper air flights in Asia where I can fly just about wherever I want for $100 or less. To me, there is a value even at the last moment for getting to a place with a minimum of hassle and getting the basics done like a SIM card, banking, and then the transit downtown.

If you ever want to do this, I recommend using Skyscanner for searching for the trips even at the last moment. Its easy to find flights that have some restrictions at the last moment. If you have any doubt that you may go somewhere the next day, you have a lot more to think about than just the flying I think :-). Skyscanner often includes numerous itineraries to choose from with prices and times you can choose either on your laptop or phone. You just elect one and process the payments and you get tickets in email. That’s about it for cheap airline travel in Asia. 

Now its coffee in the hotel room and watching some news on CNN and just going through my travel notes for Malaysia coming up. I really will like this part of the trip. Will be seeing 4 different cities and regions in Malaysia. Malacca has to be one of the primary places I want to see but I think the time I have in Penang will be nice too. Finally about 45 days in Thailand will be nice. I’m spending time in places in Thailand I have wanted to see so its not exhaustive of every possible combination. I chose Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket and Krabi. Its easy to get back again if there is something I want there. I have a friend I met in Da Nang that lives in Bangkok so it will be fun to catch up with her and hopefully talk her into coffee or dinner. She’s an interesting person that speaks a variety of languages including Japanese and has friends there. Since I really love Japan, its always fun to compare notes with someone about the places I’ve been there and where I want to go.

So, the morning is all caught up and as usual, this post will go live after my last full day exploring the city-state. See you all on the flip-side of this day!

Back again!

So the last day is in the books. Filled with wandering parks and a riverfront and seeing the beautiful government buildings and museums around the river. Singapore has a beautiful skyline as well that has so many different looks and that is always fun to capture with those looks. The riverfront is gorgeous and there are expensive restaurants along both sides and then you can get to historic bridges and wondrous country offices like the Parliament.

I spent a week wandering the city and others have told me that they would take a lesser time but for me walking the city takes a bit of time so I always want to give a place sufficient time so I can explore in different directions, take the light rail or subway options and also identify the places I really want to see. I had wanted to get to Gardens by the Bay, Little India, and the Riverfront area and I got this done this time. Here’s the entire photo album for the travels. I noticed I said it was 2018 so corrected that as well. Take a look. Maybe plan a trip to Singapore. A lot to do plus food to eat. Its a very safe and clean country and the SMRT is a very nice transit option but you can also use GRAB if you want to hail taxis.

Now its on to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia tomorrow. Stay tuned! More to come.

Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.