In transit to Kuala Lumpur – Between here and there today

I take the long 50 minute flight to KL today from Changi Airport. No real investigations besides to a new coffee shop later this morning since the one I like is closed on Mondays. I’ve had a great week here in Singapore and got to see some places not seen before plus visiting a few I had been to but things are so different compared to memories from 7 or 8 years ago. A few of the highlights if ever you visit the city-state:

  • Gardens by the Bay. Really worth the price of admission to see the sky walks the domes with flowers and forests and just the different views of the city. I would give this a few hours to visit. Really worth it!
  • Bugis Market and Junction. I really liked the market and the shopping and restaurant district close by. You can ride the SMRT right there and get some shopping and eating in quite easily.
  • Little India. I really liked visiting Little India. Although I had been there before I did not remember any of the places. The food, arts and crafts and colorful buildings plus shopping centers are really fun.
  • Riverfront. The restaurants are expensive but the beauty of the walk really is nice. You can find a cheaper food court nearby and have chicken rice like I did for much less. You should stop for a drink though along the riverfront. Also be sure to see the Parliament building, the beautiful state buildings and museums. They are all within walking distance. The historic bridges are a blast too!

I think getting around the city is one of the easiest things thanks to the SMRT service that provides connecting light rail service throughout the city areas. Consider getting one of the tourist passes and you get unlimited rides for a set number of days. I think its a good value and I made a lot of use of the service for 3 days.

If walking is your passion, Singapore is a nice city for walking. The sidewalks and traffic lights are well maintained and you can find foot paths by most or all roads and over bridges. I found that the city is very clean and easy to navigate with Google Maps so get a SIM card for your phone at the airport. Talking about the airport, there is Changi! More than an airport I think. More like a city that has airplanes park around it. I have never seen an airport like it for function and features. From the airport ambassadors that help you get through the stress points to the ease of transit if you wish using SMRT, its all there for you.

Today I will visit Changi again to fly to KL and I start thinking about when I will be back. I don’t see a time to return to Singapore in 2019 because this trip was meant to fill in some of the blanks or limitations of my last trip. Back then I had other realities and could not define a trip the way I wanted. This time I found the places to visit, stayed longer to take advantage of walking the city, and also was able to re-visit some places as I outlined above.

Next blog post is from KL. I have three weeks there so I am sure I will see all kinds of cool things, eat some good food, and take a few photographs. All told I have 81 days in Malaysia to explore 4 cities. Gonna be fun!

Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.