Fridays Camera Fun in KL

I had decided over my breakfast late this morning to go to the IT Lifestyle Plaza here in Kuala Lumpur but never made it. Instead I dallied around the Walk of Life and played with the camera for some hours. My main things to play with on the camera were;

  • Setting Film Simulation to Classic Chrome
  • Setting the Sharpness to +2, Color to +2, and Shadows to +2 on the Q menu
  • Shooting at F8 or F5.6 depending on light or depth I want and ISO 200 in bright light or ISO 400 in darker conditions
  • All photographs taken in Aperture Priority Mode

So this was all a great deal of fun today and the camera has so many customizations and things you can tweak that shooting in JPEGs only satisfy the photo geek in me forever and ever. I could never shoot RAW files since you lose all that and then apply it in editing afterwards. I want the immediate satisfaction I guess.


All photographs taken around the River of Life area which is a fun place to play around with cameras with all the different skylines, people, market areas, etc.

What’s fun in all this with the FujiFilm cameras are all the things you can do with just the camera. Forget Lightroom or photoshop. I also think the Fuji X series cameras are the best to have fun on. Learning on them is very cool because you get immediate justification without all the RAW file editing and post processing. In fact, I bet a lot of Fuji photographers do not post process their photographs at all and just shoot the scenes in JPEG format.

Anyways, that was today and you got three photographs for the picture of the day! Lucky you!!

Tomorrow will go to the lifestyle mall or maybe I will ride the KL monorail around the city. Not decided 🙂