Last week in Kuala Lumpur

Even if I just wander the city, ride the light rail and monorail and visit the museum this week, I will never feel I have seen the city. Yet the parts I have walked or taken the hop on and off tour revealed a simply wondrous place with so many different looks. I chose KL to stay longer in due to its food, fun factor, cultures, and history. I also thought the city would be fantastic to practice some pedestrian tourism with the camera. 

I’ll be leaving KL in a little over a week for Melaka for two weeks to see a historic city with ties to Singapore and also sample their food and yet walk another city in Malaysia for two weeks. No real goals there either besides to simply enjoy myself. The length of time in Melaka means I will probably try to see a variety of things. For whatever reason two weeks never seems like enough to see a place but its how I built the travel and I wanted to ensure I got to see Penang which I also have a month to see.

Another thing coming up is my year of leaving the US and living this lifestyle in Asia. It seems amazing that a year of so many moments has gone by. I’ve not visited the 50 countries and three continents that many round the worlders want. Nor have I counted the cities and hotels I’ve slept in. Its much less for sure! Yet I feel when I write up my year retrospective on the blog, I will call out the wonderful times in all the places. Vietnam is so beautiful and varied and fun I have to go back for 3 months! 

So all these things vie for my massive intellect’s attention. A week or so left in KL and some things to see, beer to drink, food to eat and always photographs to take with the Fuji. Perhaps another fun day out in Chinatown playing with the camera in the evening. But most of all the relaxation and low stress that always seems to take awhile to really get used to. Singapore had a week due to higher expenses that ended up not being so high. I spent no more on food but yet more on beer there and really enjoyed the SMRT 3 day pass to get to places farther away. KL though is more concentrated and many places can be reached by walking. So facing the last week here I try to come up with a list and fail. A list of places yet to see. The room in the morning is filled with some news and instant coffee until later in the day when I wander to one of the many coffee shops and have some latte and a muffin or breakfast.

Talking about food which I always love to talk about, I had walked by a Mexican restaurant last night where you fill out a paper, the food is made and you pick up. I had the burrito there. The thing reminded me of some of the burrito places back home and this burrito had the beef, rice, hot sauces, black beans with a fresh tortilla all toasted. Man! I don’t remember the last time having a burrito like that. I had Mexican food a few times in Siem Reap Cambodia but nothing like that.

Sorry for the brief aside but as I was writing the blogpost I remembered that burrito! 

So as the last week beckons to me here, I wonder the same things as I have at all the places. Would I come back to KL? What were the most noteworthy and fun things to do? How good was the food and beer? How was the walking in the city?

All fair questions but even bigger ones occur to me. A year spent in this new life. A year spent without working and finding out that about 95% of my preparation was well done for basic services that I would use. Concerns I had that made me start a budget which drove me crazy so I stopped in Japan. How different social media sites have come (and gone) from my life. How, in the final analysis, I believe that retirement and becoming a realist with possessions and then leaving is a good thing to do whether you retire and move to a new city, ride Amtrak across the state or country, or decide that a real new start is needed. There is nothing hard or dangerous about living in Southeast Asia and contrary to what some would say, retirement is not particularly hard or demanding if you do a bit of homework and choose the country well. But for me a single place would never work because I need the slow movement. My travel genes demand that I get to walk a new city, a new country, and see what is around the next moment.

So a week left is no big deal. Its a bunch of days made up not of minutes or hours but moments which are long or short and the days will come up and I’ll get myself along to Melaka. I’ll be working on a year retrospective blogpost because I feel the need to write some things down and also maybe set the record straight from some things I have read on Quora and other places about retirement and moving to a new country. But mostly its about the slow transition of moments from those busy days a year ago when the personal gas tank ran low and motivation seemed to slip and they stopped asking me to stay. Then those days and moments slipped away as well and I found myself at the end of some moments in one place and the beginning of a new adventure.

More on this later! Welcome to my last week in beautiful, mysterious and wonderful KL!

Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.