How KL handles Mass Transit

I’m a mass transit lover. From last year wandering around Tokyo with the superlative Tokyo Met Subway to the Singapore SMRT to the so many cool ways of getting around Kuala Lumpur. There is the monorail which goes to 9 or 10 places. There is the LRT which has numerous routes across the city. There is the KLM Kommute which goes here and there even farther. Then there is the KLIA Express and Transit. One takes you to the airport in 30 minutes with no stops and the other stops at various places along the way which helps you get to intermediate stops and helps people get picked up. Of course, there are the buses and you can GRAB here too. You would figure with so many different mass transit options that they would have one card travel. A smart card that would take you on all the options. Monorail, light rail, and kommute. And they do! Its called the Touch N Go smart card. So what does it do and how do you cash in on the deal. Well, you find a Touch N Go storefront like the one in the NU Sentral Mall and buy one. I bought one because I am going to be here for another 70 days and will be criss-crossing Malaysia for different stops that the card will come in handy for. Now you have a card that you can immediately use on the monorails and light rails and also buy food and do whole bunches of other stuff with. Then when you want to “top up” its like a SIM card and you can head to one of the storefronts and pay and top up the card. The next step I don’t see with it is the ability to top up from a website. That needs to happen so it parallels SIM card technology and makes it easier to get the card out to people. You should be able to buy one online and then show the receipt at the Touch N Go storefront and cash in too.

All this makes KL easier to see and transit. What someone like me can do is ride to some stop out there and start walking and not worry about what service will take me back. Like today I rode the LRT out and then the monorail back because I just happened to find a monorail station close by. Thursday I will ride the Kommute to Batu Caves and back. In-between all these times I will ride the LRT to some stop and get out and walk and see the city yet in another way. It all makes KL an easier city to see and its such a beautiful city that having these options only makes it more accessible.

Having 90 days here in Malaysia means I want to find longer term things like SIM card plans and travel cards. I don’t want to get a week’s SIM card and data plan when I will be here 90 days. I want something that is a month at a time. Same with the transit options. I may not use the card so much in Melaka but when I have to transit back to KL Sentral and then catch a Kommute to Port Dickson, I will.

So, the main message is if you are visiting KL, find your way around using mass transit. You can walk too and I have done it but I reach a point where I want to light rail or monorail to a point and then walk the day and find yet more unique places to eat like today for lunch where the place served some excellent and unique food and welcomed me warmly to eat. I don’t know the name of the place. I just know the ladies there wanted to make sure I had eaten well enough and kept offering more food. Sweet and kind people folks!

Anyways, here is a nice map of the options for transit around this gorgeous city. Take your pick. Maybe consider the Touch N Go card or just buy the tokens they sell. Its just too easy to get around and all the information is in English too. Also as an added thing, don’t worry about language in most places. English is widely spoken. Makes vagabonding around KL very easy! Now go and enjoy and ride that cheap mass transit to your happiness!

Kuala Lumpur Train Map July 2017 LATEST Low Resolution



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