Farewell Kuala Lumpur — Soon Hello Melaka

Its interesting that yesterday I went to the National Museum to see the prehistory and history of Malaysia. One of the primary interests for me was the wonderful history they presented of Melaka and all it has done for economy, trade, and finance for the country historically. Their pictures and story really make me glad to be able to visit the city and the UNESCO world heritage site for a few weeks. I don’t count the sites I visit like I see that some do. I do count as a lucky life that I have got to see as many as I have. In the interests of the photograph of the day feature, I decided instead to just share the entire photo album of my almost month spent here. It was a truly wonderful experience visiting the city and being able to spend the time I did. The area I stayed in was very close to KL Sentral as well as Little India and the choices to eat, drink, and wander were good here in my neighborhood. Also the walk to places like Chinatown or the Central Market were easily done on pretty good roads.

A key difference between here and Singapore I have to say is driver recognition of pedestrians. In Singapore, drivers of all kinds really respected the pedestrians and would wave them across even if the driver had the light. Here you have to exercise more caution and watch carefully. Also more motorbikes drive on sidewalks here. All that said, it still is a city that you can walk easily as long as you stay a bit alert. Its not like Cambodia or Vietnam where often traffic lights are suggestions. Most of the time lights are obeyed here in KL but one still must watch for the car turning or bus. I walked just about everywhere except for the last week when I rode the different transit options and also took the Hop On/Off bus for two days. You don’t really need GRAB here if you combine transportation and walk and take especially the LRT or Monorail or even combine the transit types and use a Touch N Go Card to get around.

A few words about the food. The food here is really nice! You get a wonderful mix of different flavors and if you desire the other foods like a burger, pizza, burrito (and who doesn’t at times); its easily found here. There are also fast food places and the transit stations have a great mix of choices. I don’t record favorites or write blog posts about some restaurant or hotel. I don’t write about the 5 places you should go in your 3 days here. I personally do not feel that my favorite 5 places or restaurants will be yours and you should just go on your own and discover. You will undoubtedly miss things and that’s okay too.

Many of the world travelers or RTW or others I have met seem to never return to a place once visited. I don’t understand that at all. I think instead of a specific place or a moment there, they want the counts and feel that time is of the essence in their travels. They must make it to XX continents, YY countries, and ZZ cities or else. Or else what? Do they change into something less than RTW travelers? What happens if they were to spend six months in one country investigating and only saw three countries instead of YY? I don’t know. I guess they lose the label of RTW on their bio on twitter or a blog that reads like a travel agency with only the isolated post about the feelings and thoughts and things and more about the sponsored trips and the 5 things done.

Anyways, today is it for KL for me so I say farewell. I hope you enjoy the photo album. Spending 23 days here was good! I’ll stay a month as well in Penang but at an Airbnb because I know comfort when I see it :-).

Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.