Things were too set and defined I figured

I felt like I had this Malaysia trip pretty well thought out. I knew the three next places I would go. There would be finishing up here in Melaka, then Port Dickson, and see some friends by KL and then off to Penang for a month. No! It was all too easy. Lets change things and go somewhere else. So I did. I booked round trip airline tickets to reach out to Kuantan for a few days. Why? I don’t really know. I just thought a week in Petaling Jaya was too long. I went out on skyscanner this morning and found a round trip flight for about $75 and found a nicer hotel for a few days. What will I do there? I am not quite sure. Since I have never been there before I guess I will spend 3.5 days wandering around and seeing things and then fly back and the same day later fly up to Penang and my Airbnb.  I had to cover one more bus ride to the airport so I booked the bus from PJ to KLIA on the 15th of March.

So now I feel good about the travels down here. I’ll get to one more place and its only about the 10th change to the trip so far :-).

Meeting others is always interesting…

I have to admit that normally I’m a party of one and I like it that way. There is no disagreement about whether I eat local food or have that burrito in KL. Do I go to the Mall or the Museum? What if there’s time for both. Then there’s the turn left and turn right things. I don’t miss any of that whatsoever. Today I walked this road my hotel is on all the way down and around and back to the Malacca River. A glorious stroll that took hours with seeing nothing in particular. I loved it!

But… Last night I met this person at the hotel that is also retired and traveling. We kinda hit it off so we are doing dinner tonight. I think he has traveled alone for a long time and it seems us solo retirees doing similar things get set in our ways. We don’t want to have to explain our actions to someone else or deal with emotional or idealistic or rationalizations of a thing. So we will do dinner tonight at this place down the street. I suppose it’s good. I’m actually happy to meet someone else doing a similar thing because I get so tired of reading the BS on twitter and instagram from those RTW and gap-year and digital nomad types. I hate to bag on them but they are sure a bunch of following counting, blogging to make a buck, instagramming to gain audience types. I don’t spend much time on either platform but I do like posting pictures on both. Neither of the platforms excites me or makes me happy to be a member.

But now meeting this person, its like a step beyond the normal BS on twitter and instagram. Its a person to person contact and that’s different. If I never met one of the tweeps I’d be good. Once before I met a blogger in Siem Reap I followed and I thought that was cool. I had wondered then if our paths would cross in Cambodia.

This person is different than a blogger or a tweep or a “grammer” if you call them that. I am not sure what you call someone on instagram. So we shall step out for dinner socially and neither of us will be the same again :-). It was kinda sorta like meeting this nomad on the streets of Da Lat Vietnam one day. He was truly a vagabond and had stories he first haltingly told me about thirty years on the road and how his family had given up on him and he could never go home again or wanted to. The roads were his fellows and friends. The sunrise and sunset were his companions. Cities touched his feet and his steps found him crossing so many of them.

We’ll see how it all goes.

Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.