Exit Melaka, Enter Port Dickson Malaysia

I left Melaka this morning at 11am on a Delima Bus going from Melaka Sentral to the Mega Bus Station called TBS. Its a huge thing with shopping, food, and office spaces. Much like the shopping malls in KL, the terminal is huge and is very functional if not sometimes confusing. Thankfully the ever kind and patient Malaysian service people take kindly to a confused translated Cambodian tourist originally from the USofA. 

Then I waited for a few hours for the next bus. This bus would take me to Seremban. That trip took an hour and a bit. This bus driver was a no nonsense kinda guy and we made it on time. From there I had choices. I could take a Cityliner bus or just hop a cab. I went for the cab because I was tired of buses. Little did I know I would get a rather irritating cab driver who wanted me to call the hotel on my smartphone and then after talking with the hotel for about 15 minutes he let me know in excruciating detail how stupid the taxi drivers were back at Seremban. And on and on and on. He would have gone to the wrong place he repeated about 10 times. Told me that there is a difference in the city of Port Dickson and the city of Port Dickson. I am not sure what it may be. I kinda tuned him out and just nodded sympathetically or shook my head when he seemed irate.

So then I got here to the hotel which is right by the ocean. There is no beach here but the ocean is simply beautiful and its what I wanted for a break from history and crowded conditions in KL and somewhat in Melaka. Its quieter here but there are restaurants up and down the street my hotel is on. I only have 4 nights here and will only stroll around for 3 days since the 4th day I have to leave again for Kuala Lumpur and a few days in a township called Petaling Jaya. I decided to stop there so I could see an ex IBM friend that comes from Malaysia for dinner and also take care of any last minute stuff before shipping out to Kuantan and Penang.

Wonder of Wonders!

I received both state and federal income tax refunds already. So I booked the remainder of my travels of 2019 and into 2020 with a little of  it. In mid October I will take off from Phnom Penh to Taiwan for 2 months and then will spend Christmas and New Years in Manila. I’ll catch a over night ferry boat from Manila to Cebu for some days and then fly to Davao and then fly back to Manila. The day after I return I fly back to the states for a visit. I’m not sure how long I will stay in the states. I cannot imagine for too long because the hotels and stuff is damned expensive! I don’t have a house or a car or a sofa even to crash on anywhere.

Then, since I end up in Florida where my daughter lives, I have to get back to Asia. My thinking is to fly to Dubai and make it to India for 2 months and see some friends there and then do this other trip which start in Singapore and would be on the train all the way to Chiang Mai Thailand. Then whenever all that finishes I would end up back in Cambodia. I don’t even know that month now.

So now I have all of 2019 taken care of and some months into 2020. I cannot imagine ever just staying in the states. I would be terribly unhappy there even if money were not an issue for me. I just like the places I live and visit now. It will be nice to visit though and also see if there are any things I may need when there.


Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.