Port Dickson Strolling, Dinner, Beers

Today after some almost breakfast at McDonalds I started walking any old way. By “almost” I mean I missed the regular McBreakfast by about 15 minutes so instead got a large iced latte and some french fries. That was okay. Then I took off and just decided to explore kinda north of my hotel along the ocean. Unfortunately you cannot walk along the ocean walk too far before it turns into completely fenced off property owned first by some recreation group and then oil and petroleum companies and the Port Dickson Electrical Company farther away. But I persisted and walked this way and that. I ended up at what is called the Port Dickson Bypass Road which took me back in a general direction to the hotel.

I sat around in the hotter part of the day today reading a bit and writing some and also booking some remaining travel I needed for Taiwan and Philippines. Happy to say I have all the flights and hotels booked for both Taiwan and my Philippines trip. The two trips are a bit different in what I will do. In looking at the map of Taiwan, I noticed that there is a high speed rail system which goes the western side of the island down about 5 major stops. Seemed like a great deal to me to do a rail trip and spend a week at each major stop and then turn around and ride it back to Taipei before flying to Manila.

Taiwan highspeed railway

In looking at the rail map and consulting this site it seemed that a train trip would be rather cool since it would cover the entire western part of the island and let me also take one of my favorite modes of transport. So for my trip I start in Taipei and work my way south to Hsinchu, Taichung, Tainan, and Zuoying. The entire trip is about 215 miles and the train goes at almost 200 mph. Looks like my kinda rail journey!

I went ahead and booked a week at each place but added an extra day back at Taipei at a hotel just in case things got weird or I missed something in Taiwan. After I get done with the 50 some days of travel, I leave for a few weeks in the Philippines.

I have an Airbnb booked in Manila for two weeks and then I fly to Cebu for about a week and then on to Davao for 5 days and then back to Manila 2 days before leaving for Narita Japan and then San Francisco. The domestic airfare prices are so cheap flying out of Manila and back that was a no brainer to go ahead and just book that travel too.

This all gets me to 15 January and leaving Manila for the states. Since I have no real idea how long I will stay there, I am putting off making any real decisions besides wanting to ride Amtrak coast to coast when I get back. I also have no idea how I will make my way back to Asia or where I will go. I may fly back to Seattle or Vancouver and then go or I may fly to Dubai and go to India for awhile. I will probably finalize that whole thing about September or so. I’d like to have the Amtrak tickets paid for by then and kinda know what I will do.

Anyways, I have Friday and Saturday left here and then I’ll catch the train from Seremban Station to KL Sentral and make my way to Petaling Jaya on Sunday. I have 4 days there and am hoping to see a friend for dinner one of the nights in KL. I went out this evening and had Arabic food for dinner but of course no beers there so had to stop at 7/11 and get a few beers for the room. Now its time to simply sit and sip on the beers and eat some pringles chips and plan my world domination one step at a time. It was a good day to simply walk however I wanted to walk. Not a lot of pictures taken but I did not really come here for the same reasons as I went to Melaka or KL. I wanted to see the ocean and find a more peaceful place for a few days. That was definitely accomplished!

Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.