Port Dickson Second Day – Walk the other Way

I decided this morning after coffee in a rather nice Starbucks to walk the opposite way with the camera and get to see the beach if possible or walk along even barefooted for awhile. This is not really possible since the beachfront past the Port Dickson waterfront area appears to be privately owned with fencing up. I crossed over one boundary and had to then crawl over a fence that blocked me from the street I wanted to be on. Basically difficult to walk the beach here where there is a beach unless you go the 20 miles to the beach that all the tourists go to. I’m not really interested in that and I did not come here to go where the tourists are. In fact, I came here for the opposite reason. I wanted a few days to take it down a notch; have a nice hotel room and be in a part of town where the tourists were not all over the place.

I also wanted to walk more quietly and just see a place for what it is. Enjoy the local places for food and perhaps a beer or two. Not contend with lots of people for a few days. I think I have accomplished this so after tomorrow when I finish walking the city area, I will be done and will have gotten what I wanted.

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Its kinda like the picture of the pier. I wanted a solitary place that I could kinda engage at its own level and not feel the need to be surrounded by the constant hum and thrum of the tourists. Some I see are demanding and arrogant. Others seem lost or trying to find something out there. I’ve met a few that seem somewhere else. Some retirees I’ve met are searching I think for a basic answer to what they want on the road. The pier kind of searches and wants I think. It wants people and kids to run its length. Perhaps the yelling of small voices with kites hauling overhead. Maybe just some solitary fishermen walking the length with the fishing pole trailing behind.

The solitary travelers I have met on the road often want the most bang for the buck. They have limited times so they want the Angkor Wat sensation and not the small temple at the end of the road that the tuk tuk driver in Battambang took me to almost with a sense of happiness that such a place existed. We know that they do but many are rushed to make as much fit into the days as we can.

I came to Port Dickson to not do that. To feel the ocean in a place enfold and also not feel rushed to the next temple or museum. To simply walk a small city and feel its beat. Cities have heart beats and souls and blood supplies and arteries like we do. A small side street in a city may yield life blood so different than the big. Often though we lose time with the big things and forger that a side street may yield the valuable.

I wonder. What is it with the current crop of backpackers and some of the retirees I have met that they cannot stop. What propels them to the places? So the pier still sits there. And I still sit here in Port Dickson one more day and a few meals and some quiet times in a nice hotel room with the day spinning slowly.

Its what I wanted. And I got it.

Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.

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