Last Day in Port Dickson

Today is my last day here in Port Dickson. Tomorrow I will hop on the train from the Seremban Station and travel to Kuala Lumpur first. Perhaps I will stop and get one of those killer burritos before continuing on :-). Then I catch the LRT to Petaling Jaya which is about an hour or so away. The stop there is not so much different than here. More of a rest stop and a time to see some friends that hail from Singapore and KL but I will also get some walking in each day. The big next step is Penang for a month in an AirBNB. I’ll be able to unpack, have a regular schedule, enjoy an entire condo on my own and also walk a pretty cool looking city with the camera.

I’ve been able to slow down a bit from the tourist part of things and just relax in a smaller town, enjoy the ocean, and not have real places to go that I kinda plan out. Today I will first stop and have some breakfast at a bakery I found close to the hotel and then walk around the city with the camera for the day. I am not sure about dinner tonight. 

So wandered the city for a few hours after a nice and cheap breakfast with a cup of local coffee. I had toast with scrambled eggs and sausage kinda made the Chinese way. I sat for awhile afterwards and watched the people come and go and had a second coffee. The cost for both coffees and the sandwich was quite good was about $3.25 USD. I have been forever taken with the prices for food here. I could eat here for less than $7 a day if I wished quite easily and not scrimp on food. Some Nasi Kendar would go for about $3 and its a huge plate of food. I can get some Roti Canai for about $1.50 each and a orange juice freshly squeezed for another $0.50 or less. Its only the beer that costs more which for dinners and just sitting around is kinda bad. I do like beer so the living in Cambodia is perhaps easier since its the land of $0.50 draft beer. Perhaps because all the Cambodians I know love to drink beer :-).

Now I’m back I the room with the AC going and listening to some local channel on TV. I don’t understand Malay but its fun to have it going for some reason. Some of the shows have English subtitles. One is an Indian show and it has Malay and Chinese subtitles. I think its in Tamil. 

Here is my little photo album from Port Dickson. I think my mission was successful here and I’ll leave when I want tomorrow on a Grab taxi and get to the train station and catch the Kommute train to KL Sentral Station. Then its a LRT ride to Petaling Jaya for a few nights hopefully to see one or two friends that live in KL or Singapore if they happen to be here.

Tonight I may just get a burger for dinner or visit this chicken place. Its easy here to walk to the places since Port Dickson is not that big. In KL the restaurants are amazing. So many, such choices while in Melaka I had fun with the various foods that are specialties there like the Nyonya foods. One of my favorite meals there was the Beef Rendang. Eating along the riverfront was something I will always want to repeat again!

Its dawned on me that my time is ebbing away here in Malaysia and its been very enjoyable at so many levels. I’ll finish up in Penang for a month at a nice Condo where I get the whole place. Then off to Thailand for about 1.5 months of Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Phuket.

Not sure if I will write something tomorrow since I will be moving places. I may start a draft post and see where it takes me tomorrow and the next day when I settle in for a few days. The next two stops are shorter and then off to Penang on the 20th.

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