Stopping in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia for a few days

I had decided kind of at the last moment to change my travel around and incorporate a 5 day trip to a new place in Malaysia but it left sort of a hole in the plan. A few friends then mentioned that they would be around KL this week and we could hook up for dinner one or two nights. I have never been here before and had no real idea what to expect as far as food, fun, beer. The food is always good in Malaysia! In reference to this, was a discussion with my GRAB driver from Port Dickson to the Seremban Train station. He asked my favorite thing about Malaysia. I told him it was the food, there was interesting mix of cultures, and the friendliness of the people. There is also such a wide variety of things to see here. You can go from malls to Mosques in blocks! Truly amazing.

Today I walked down a longer street that I thought may have smaller shopping centers on it but instead it was all residential with small parks and well kept lawns, dogs barking at me, and people saying hello, smiling, and waving. I had decided to walk to some street and turn right and then see where I would be. In all honesty, I have to back up even further though and mention my breakfast since I am generally going in reverse order because that’s where the day plan came together.

Breakfast this morning was across the street from the hotel at a Chinese restaurant specializing in breakfast food, curry noodles, and what I love. The half-boiled eggs, the toast bread, and the coffee they serve! I got done with the first coffee and the Chinese woman guessed and smiled and brought another cup. Then the idea came together. Looking at Google Maps I saw what I wanted to do.

All of kinda happened the way I show it. Of course, since I have never been here before I have no idea about the roads and sidewalks. Google Maps is pretty good with things but pedestrian stuff is kinda beta level. I really do not know if there is a crosswalk, overpass, sidewalk in a new area until I head on out.

Finishing up in the right order…

So anyways, I got back after a nice and sweaty walk and stopped at a 7/11 and got some water. Then back to the room and the AC and I picked a restaurant for dinner. I wanted either Roti or Naan and some chicken tandoori. So I found this place that did both plus all kinds of other foods. The guys waited on me happily and told me it would take about 5 minutes to get the chicken ready. The Naan was also freshly made and I could watch the cook making it, rolling it out, firing it up and then putting the cheese on it. My gosh! That was some good food!

After sitting for awhile after eating because it seems most people do that and enjoy a moment or two, I decided to walk around this other Mall to find the Starbucks I will go to tomorrow for breakfast. I’m going there because there is a giant park across this major road I want to reach tomorrow. It has running trails, a swimming pool, walking paths. I want to see it.

But that’s tomorrow and now its night-time and I’m in the room ready to open a Tiger Beer and relax at 6pm here. Its been a good day! I also found out that Social Security retroactively paid me a difference due to my earnings going down. They owed me for three months of increased retirement so I got that deposited yesterday. Now I will get more money each month from the government! Yippee! I think the Social Security Administration works pretty well at many things but not being able to submit forms electronically is bad for ex-pats and retirees that live in some other place in the world. Same with the IRS. For taxes, I look for the cheapest online and this year it was a pretty good online service called Efile. If you need to file federal and state taxes, I can recommend them. Be sure you have last year’s tax return though because you have to enter an amount from that tax form to have the IRS accept the forms electronically. I did all this two weeks ago and already have my refunds.

There are many ways to get things done when you are retired or an ex-pat. Some are pretty open and others could be hacks. Its best to simplify your existence as much as possible though and not have a lot of loose ends that may come back to bother your paradise in Malaysia.

That’s it for today! Hopefully tomorrow a nice park to walk through and maybe dinner with a friend!

Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.