Walking in a Park in Petaling Jaya

I had looked yesterday for a different place to walk and found a nice park right across the street from my hotel and in-between a few malls and shopping centers. The park has a few lakes for fishing and recreation and a lot of walking trails. There is also a playground and sports stadium right next door. It was really nice to find a place that was not concrete and sidewalks where I could walk for some hours. The park area is nice and you can wander around between different lakes and see some nice open spaces. Urban green spaces are really nice no matter where they’re found. Its easy to find a place to stop at a park bench, take in the blue skies and the differences of the skyscrapers and malls and then the beautiful trees and grassy areas right there too. Here’s the pictures from today. Hope you like them.

Petaling Jaya by my hotel is not very touristy but that’s not to say there are not nice places to go walking. I liked walked yesterday in the rural areas and seeing how people live, hear their dogs barking, and winding around back to the main highway by my hotel. Much like Port Dickson I am not after big tourist things to do. I like just picking directions and walking that way. If I find a thing I like, the camera can capture it.

I only have Wednesday and Thursday left now and will be taking off from KL International Airport to fly to Kuantan Malaysia. I will spend 5 days there walking that city and seeing the parks, mosques, riverfront areas, and other stuff.Then its off to Penang for a month and a nice AirBnb.

Tonight will be some Malaysian food for dinner down the street and then a few beers in the room. 


Author: Michael Perry

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