Sometimes its Nice to Spend More on a Hotel…

My first day here in Kuantan. I’m in my hotel room. I opted for a very nice hotel here which cost what a few weeks cost in other places. I did this because I wanted to. I wanted something nice here for a few days and the room here for me is wonderful. Its spacious, the bed is softer than normal in Malaysia and I am on the 10th floor! I can look out over the city and also plan a day of walking to wherever I end up. Not a lot of planning in that actually. I may continue enjoying and have the more expensive breakfast here this morning in the hotel. There is always time to spend less but I have to admit that my next place is nice too. I have an entire condo on Airbnb for a month in Penang. Luxury! I decided on this trip to not just get hotels and to also explore Airbnb and get entire condos when I could for basically the same price if not a bit more. I just found that I get a English language newspaper every morning. I shall carry the newspaper down to breakfast much like a person of leisure does. I wonder if the restaurant serves waffles here. Waffles are a big deal in Malaysia BTW :-).

Just a beautiful morning here folks. Sun is shining with little cloud things moving around. Kuantan requires lots of investigation! I only have 4 more days here and then fly back to KL and then later in the day to Penang for a month. I think I will really be enjoying Penang. But now its only 8am and the softer bed feels really good and this old retired body likes the comfort. Its quiet here in the morning and its the best feeling to know I really have no place to go and all day to get there. I remember back on all the business travel I did to Singapore, Japan, India. It was always a rush or justifying why I should stop in Singapore for a day. It was flying sometimes back to back international flights from SFO to Korea or Hong Kong and then just continuing on to Singapore and once two hours later to India when the company got the dates mixed up. It was six hour layovers but then I would check bags and all my stuff was checked through. No changes of clothing. No comfort items. Not a damned thing. I don’t miss business travel. I watch a friend that works for Oracle travel and I cannot help but think that is not travel. Company required travel is them telling you where to be, when to be there, and when to go. There is nothing that cries out freedom with company travel. I feel sorry for him because he goes to so many places yet sees actually so little. Faced with this, I knew when I re-invented travel for retirement, I would never want to be locked in or limited. Now I go as I please. The sun is shining. The moments are good!

I’ll leave this as a draft post and then pick up my afternoon and evening thoughts when I get back from a day of wandering this city.

After a Nice Day Wandering!

I wandered around the riverfront area today and got to see the downtown blocks, the riverfront and government buildings. I have the start of a photo album for Kuantan which is here. Kuantan is a pretty cool city but there does not seem to be too many backpacker type people anywhere that I could see. I like the downtown parts a lot. I guess because I like older architecture where city blocks and buildings have the historic look but are still cared for and used. At the government buildings, the architecture is completely different which is cool. Very modern looking which I captured in black and white photographs.

I’ll walk over to the MegaMall today and go through it and then find this Arabic restaurant for tonight that is just really across the block from the hotel. With three days left to wander the city, I came up with a rough plan of places I would like to see. Tomorrow I go in a different direction after breakfast down the street at a Malaysian restaurant I found. Sometimes I divide the city into quarters and plan a breakfast in the general direction I’m going and just leave later in the day and then continue on after my coffee and food. Other times, I come back to the room for awhile and then go. The last few places have been shorter stay places compared to Melaka and KL. I spent two weeks in Melaka and three weeks in KL. I guess it all evens out somewhere. My last month is all spent in Penang at a nice Airbnb place I found downtown. I’ll have the entire condo. 

Anyways, the city here is interesting and I am glad I came. The round trip flight only cost about $78 and I really did it at the last moment when I wanted to change parts of the travel.

Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.