Four Days to Penang, Three Days left in Kuantan

The countdown! Four days until my last stop in Malaysia. I will be spending a month in beautiful Penang. A fellow retiree had written me email while I was in Kuala Lumpur telling me that Penang is a great city for food and sightseeing. Free city buses will take tourists all around the city. With a month to spend in a Airbnb, I feel pretty good with my last stop in Malaysia and my ability to be able to walk the city, see the sights but most of all relax at night in a comfortable and accessible place. The island looks like a blast to go investigate! I could see taking a bus tour all around the island.

Map of penang

It is also my second walking day here in Kuantan and today will start the day with coffee and breakfast down the street. Will try to get there by 1030 this morning after relaxing in my hotel room and enjoying the times here. I saw a bit of the street I will walk down today and it looks like a busier city street with a lot of shops and restaurants. Sometimes the day walks yield a place to eat not on Google Maps or TripAdvisor so I will make a note on OneNote to stop and eat there.

Another beautiful day here. Sun shining out the hotel window. No hint of rain. When I was reading about Kuantan, it does get more rain but I have been lucky for the last day or so and rain has not come. In KL it would often rain in the evenings and you could set your day by evening thunder showers. It would often rain there for 30 minutes and then the evening or night would be beautiful.

Shift to Afternoon!

So after writing the beginning of this blog I went to a Malaysian restaurant for some breakfast and coffee. Had some spicy rice and a nice local coffee and sat for awhile reading some things about Penang and also considering my walking today in Kuantan. I worked a bit on my personal diary and I also added some more content to a article or short story I am writing. Then after about an hour relaxing over the coffee I took off walking. It was a very pleasant day out today. Not so hot as the previous day or as humid I think. Walking seemed pretty easy.

I got to see the state mosque which is just a beautiful building here. I also captured a few little things I like around downtown. Signs and small buildings and different shapes and sizes of things.I found a road which I wanted to walk on which took me back in a general direction to the hotel and let me see a restaurant I want for dinner. I then got back after the walk and my room is all made up with and the AC is on and I’m lazy. A good day walking and I got to see yet another direction here.Today marks the halfway time for my visit here. I have two more directions to go here walking and two more days so it all evens out in the end :-).

My photos will be sync’ed up to the shared album I posted earlier after the iPhone gets done moving them over to google photo’s.

Tonight it will be Thai food for dinner I think. I saw a nice Thai food restaurant about 10 minutes walk from the hotel so will walk over that way tonight for dinner and check it out.

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