Today it was Jettys and a beautiful Temple

i wandered today in different directions after a late breakfast at a nice coffee shoppe with way too many choices for coffee. I had decided to walk down to see the Jetty’s along the coast but I also wanted to see this temple calle the Hoan Boo Thean temple. Its down a few twisty and windy alleys but when you follow the signs and edge past the barking dogs you end up at a place that is set out over the ocean and you can sit and just watch absolutely nothing at all. Its a serene and quiet place where the visitors come and go. There are tables to sit at and one can watch the day develop for awhile. I would call it beautiful.


Sitting at one of the tables results in looking across the temple and seeing this. Just a beautiful moment in time captured not just by a camera but by a memory too. When you walk from there, you can end up at a Mall (there are lots of malls in Malaysia!) and its a different view completely.


As you can see George Town is a city of differences. A quiet temple, a fast-paced mall. Its all there on Penang Island.

Now I’m curious though. What is life like across to the mainland? Sounds like an adventure involving ferry boats that will take a day. This Thursday or Friday I’ll go solve that mystery I am thinking.

But now, I finished some dinner and some take away Chicken Satay from a food court. And it was all good! I could go on and on (and on…) about food here but you get the idea I think. I am a foodie type person so I seek out different foods or I go back to a known place sometimes like the Satay place because I like the food there and its easy to get.

That’s all the blog that’s fit to write today 🙂

Author: Michael Perry

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