George Town Today – Walking Here and There

I think George Town is one of the best cities yet to just aimlessly wander with no real goals in sight. There’s a lot of perhaps “must see” places here like temples, China Town, Little India and the beautiful architecture that I never get tired of finding. The truth is though when you wander with no real goal, the things you find are all serendipitious because no amount of planning went in to the finding of them. I liked finding this smaller temple today and the color of the sky plus the beautiful artwork on the buildings really sets it apart for the casual wanderer.


I just found this to be so beautiful when seeing it against the sky turning grey.

Really though walking in a city to no beat at all really is the only way to find and lose yourself in all the wondrous things that George Town can offer. Having the moments to spare to go as I want really makes the difference for me in seeing the sights out there.

I was thinking over Nasi Kandar for dinner at this closer place how much I will miss Malaysia. I will especially miss the food :-). Down every street I see places from Hainan Chicken Rice to Curry places to just about everything.

I will have to come back next year for another visit. I could see another trip starting from Singapore again and working my way slowly north again. I would visit the same cities again and would love to see Kuala Lumpur and Melaka again.

Reaching the Two Week Mark…

I kinda watch the days go by and as much time as I believe I have its really the moments as I walk or see or photograph some small thing that perhaps is so inconsequential but to me its a thing that stands out. Take this picture.


Only a few bicycles and a window you may say but notice the intricate art work around the window and how it only frames half the brown window areas. How the plant to the left and the locked up shed sets the picture in a few ways and then the numbers of the building and the tables stretching out on the right. To me, it all shows a portion of a life frozen at a moment where each thing though casually placed is left in an order that a person can see by simply walking by with no goals.

In the hurry up and hop on/off tour lifestyle and only spending 3 days in George Town you may miss the little things. No harm though really because the little things stretch out this way and that. Down alleys in Hanoi to side streets in Hiroshima. Each tells a story or a fragment of a story. I wonder if you slowed down and spent months instead of days if you would find them. Even if you did, I think, they would not be the same as when I did. The moment is over as soon as you go by. It’s the way that life gives out the moments.

Just consider when you see a place what you are really after. For me, I like the big things like monumental architecture and parks and pretty museums. They are there for the folks that want to see them. But the little things are down the street and away to the left. A direction you may never go or have the time for.

That’s a shame really. Because all of those I think add up to more than the big bridges and sky scrapers and churches. They tell a story of the people, struggles, happiness, and what they do.

Consider it.

Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.