Sunday Morning in George Town

Today is one of my last Sundays here in George Town on Penang Island. Today will relax this morning and then perhaps head out for some late breakfast or brunch here at a nicer coffee shop. Also will head back out with the camera to capture the daily walking. I never really get tired of seeing a city and its differences with each rising sun but now I know in a week and some days I’ll be leaving Malaysia for Thailand. I will have spent 81 days in Malaysia which has been quite nice. I never did like the 5 days and 20 things to do things in a place. I’d rather settle down and enjoy when the folks that run the Chinese coffee shop say good morning to me each day and ask after me. I also doubt I would have met the rather nice women from Kuala Lumpur yesterday at a local coffee place along the street where they serve the rich Indian coffee and finding a bench to sit at can be challenging. It is so very easy to carry on conversations here as almost all speak english and one can talk travel, food, fun and the question they always have is,

how have you found Malaysia? what are your favorite things here in our country?

Perhaps that’s a separate post or something.  I would recommend if you have not visited Malaysia that you spend quality time here. You will find the people, the sights, the food, their history and culture downright amazing.

As I get down to the point of days left I start finding the “must do” things like museums and historical sites I have not yet seen. Both of these here on the island can be done via the free bus service that runs all around George Town. I also will ride the ferry to the mainland one day this week and get to a Taoist Temple there I want to see.

Some Thoughts Evolve on Travel Photography

A friend of mine owns a camera shop in Phnom Penh so we have the opportunity to discuss every so often different FujiFilm cameras and which ones are the best of the new ones and which ones he sees being purchased more. I’m a pretty satisfied hobbyist using the X100F. I don’t want some challenging gear setup with a hundred lens and three bodies and filters and tripods. I’m after a camera experience that translates to fun, funk, and soul combined with size and features. The X100F provides a very nice and light platform to hit the streets with each day. I did look at the Ricoh GR iii which is even smaller and lighter and shapes up to be a street photographer and traveler camera but for me there are drawbacks or reasons to not change brands. I don’t believe that the Ricoh offers the fun and soul thing although it does look clean and easy to just use. Photography though is not work for me so all the elements are important. The Ricoh also does not have the film simulations so I would not be able to use the seriously cool Classic Chrome or the black and white Acros filters that make buildings and people and things I find look so cool.

I may change cameras one day but its not going to be to a Nikon or a Sony or a Canon with a 10 pound bag of lens. Just so not with that whole thing. I have a feeling once going there and carrying around all those lens and then trying to choose which body and which lens and what the various apertures, ISOs and shutters should be would only make me miss a thing on the street or traveling I really wanted to capture. And its true like I told my friend in Cambodia that I am not good enough for all that so there is no interest in the “big gear experience”.

The other thing is the rather amazing JPEGS right out of the camera with the Fuji gear. I don’t want to edit photos and spend hours on curves and Lightroom subscriptions. I want instant joy and fulfillment and the FujiFilm X100F does that for me. I also walk the places so doubling back or finding the exact conditions I wish to record may be non existent and then fiddling with lens and filters and bodies and still having to edit the damned thing when done does not appeal. Either I take a photo I like or I don’t. It all gets saved and a small subset gets shared. Sharing to me and maintaining the record of what I have seen are the most important things. The X100F lets me do both and lets me do it in a size and form factor and with sets of features I think are the big mix of fun, funk, and soul.dscf2698



Author: Michael Perry

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