Today was Fort Cornwallis and the Wonderful Old Buildings by Queen Victoria Clock Tower

George Town Malaysia is definitely a city of differences folks. You can set off and see closely knit little Chinese neighborhoods down a street.


The wonderful thing about these little streets is that they are all encompassing. You will find beauty salons, restaurants, tailors, and hair salons both downstairs and upstairs. Men and women will sit out on a weekend and discuss perhaps the weather or what is on for dinner but they will always smile and say hello here. The little streets have a wonderful essence of completeness to them. Its like a different dimension where you walk in and time and space go different ways and you are bounded by a street, a stop sign, and the next street. Exit the street and perhaps you see bigger stores and more touristy restaurants.

However, down close to the coast is Fort Cornwallis and there we have some of the most beautiful old buildings. One could start with Queen Victoria’s Clock Tower.


Just a beautiful and ornate structure that stands out against so well and can be seen from a distance. Down the street from the clock tower are streets lined with wonderful old buildings. They are a joy to take photographs of, to see the signs of when built, and see the beauty and the ornate wonder of each one.

You can see how beautiful the streets are too.

Then I wandered further and decided to generally head back to the direction of my airbnb. Its not a far walk but I’m always tempted to take a left or right on a street I don’t remember. The sights are always intriguing and there is always a thing or two or more that stands out or frames a picture I wish to keep about the journey here in George Town.


There in the distance is the Komtar Building and my airbnb is not far from there.

Eating too!

This morning before all the building adventures, I went to a nice Dim Sum place for breakfast and had some very nice self service food and hot tea. You have to get there before about 230pm or it closes. Its also very busy. I knew I had to get there though. The inner me was calling for Dim Sum. Then for dinner after the walking and relaxing in the very nice AC in my little apartment, I decided to try a pretty well known spot called Hameediyah not far from my place. Normally the queue is out the door. Tonight it was not so in I went for the Briyani, Chicken, and some of the best beef rendang I can remember ever having. Serving sizes ensure you don’t leave hungry!

I’ll just summarize the food experience in Penang. and George Town. If you are hungry here, something is definitely wrong. This place has to be the foodie capital of Malaysia. If you are looking to visit Malaysia, take the time and see George Town. Bring your appetite along too. Such an amazing fusion of foods! From Dim Sim to Nasi Kandar!

Few Days Left…

Now I am down to 4 more days wandering the city and being in Malaysia. I will have been here 81 days and its been a blast. Soon I will say on to Thailand and my two months there. I can’t wait!

Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.