Had to buy New Camera

I probably have the worst luck with cameras. I had a FujiFilm X100f which I mis-treated badly which finally kinda refused to work. Then I went for a FujiFil X-T2. In hindsight that was too much camera for me. No matter what, the shutter button stopped working twice and then I got rid of it. Then I got another X100F in Cambodia from a friend’s camera shop. For the last week that camera has been having a variety of problems with the view mode selector. I could not get the EVF to work most days and then when I did not want it to work, it would just start working. Soon, by touching the LCD panel the viewmode would change all on its own.

I had decided to get a Ricoh GR ii or iii but they are all but impossible to find without ordering from KL. So instead I decided I would shop around and find something smaller, cheaper, that would still be a lot of fun. I went to a local camera shop and met a really nice guy who discussed my needs and thought Panason Lumix LX10 would suit me. This camera is much smaller than my X100F and yet it has more functionality. The lcd screen articulates, it shoots 4k video and pictures and you can stack the photographs. In other words, it has some cool features for a “not so photographer” like me. I took it out today for dinner and decided to shoot around the food court I went to just to get a feel for how the camera handles and how different things work on it. Call it a day out with me and the camera :-).

Image result for lumix lx10

Its kind of a cute little camera and I do mean little. But yet it has all the modes I want. If I want to shoot in automatic, I can do that easily. Aperture Priority is right there too and it has a nice set of features around the whole picture and video categories.

What I really wanted was to not buy another camera that was too much for me. A FujiFilm X-T3 would be that way. I also did not want something with no compelling features or things to learn. I wanted something in-between that would last me as long as it did and if it die, I would not be out thousands of dollars. I will be sharing the photographs going forward with a new category (of course) and also learning my way through the camera and also taking video! It also has this cool post focus thing I cannot wait to try.

Perhaps all the time, what I really needed was a small travel camera that was inconspicuous and easily pocketed but yet would take images I feel are good. I don’t have high demands but I do like to shoot in black and white and have different presets to play with. This camera has a few.

So enter, learning time! Tomorrow when I fly off to Bangkok Thailand I will be reading the manual on the plane. When I hit the ground, I’ll be recording the things that are easier with a smaller and lighter camera. Soon it will be 4k video time I think.

I spent the afternoon reading some reviews and looking at how various people use the camera for travel and street photography. Its very compelling in both categories. Now I just have to “earn the camera” by “learning the camera”. On to new adventures! Bangkok awaits.

Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.