Second Week in Bangkok Starts

I spent the first week kinda wandering around places by the airbnb. Made it to a few nice temples and saw some beautiful city skylines and small streets with restaurants and shops lining them. The second week kicks off tomorrow with a day long hop on/off boat tour to see some of the touristy things. Its easier to take the boat and get off at one of the 12 stops along the river, see the sights, and then ride the boat to the next stop. The boat dock is pretty close to my airbnb so tmorrow will start earlier and have breakfast at Starbucks I think and then catch the 9am boat and see the first few stops. I have the palace tour tomorrow at 1130 to 1230 so will be at the stop for that. Should be a full day of touring around the city by the river. Here’s the general route that the tour takes. The cost for an all day hop on/off ticket was about $6.00 USD. Pretty reasonable I think.

On Wednesday and Friday, I’ll get a BTS day pass for a few hundred baht and ride the light rail around the city both days to places near and far. Its a great way to see the city and the day pass is very reasonable.

Today for lunch I walked over and met a person I had met from Thailand last year in Da Nang Vietnam. She and I met while eating Banh Mi sandwiches at this small shop by the riverside there and talked a bit. We got to be friends on Facebook so I had let her know this year I would be visiting Thailand so we met up for lunch at Ciao Pizza. It was a pretty nice lunch there and we got to talk about traveling, things to see in Bangkok, and what we had been doing the last year or so.

After lunch, I walked her back to the BTS and then went on to the park for a bit and got to see some nice open spaces framed by the Bangkok city skyline. I always like the mix in urban parks.

Then I walked back to the airbnb a slightly different way. Its been warm here in Bangkok lately. Not much in the way of rain or cloudy skies. Not really bad weather to sightsee and walk but it does get rather warm out so getting back to the AC is pretty nice!

I have two more weeks left in Bangkok and a few activities I’ve planned out like visiting museums and a few of the public markets on the BTS later in the week. Stay tuned for those moments captured on my little camera!

Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.