Easy like Saturday night

I went out for a nice breakfast this morning at Coffee Club. Had an omelet, bacon, potato and some nice toast. I caught the BTS from the nearby station which is handy. I had decided to go to the weekend market over by Mo Chit BTS station. Its immense! I spent a few hours wandering the market, eating some pork satay, considering that I need to come back next Sunday and get some T shirts before leaving. Then walked to a Wat I wanted to see, to a park, and then caught the BTS back to the station closer to my airbnb. The whole BTS will get one spoiled I think :-).

Then back in the room I watched some old black and white movies on YouTube and went to this little cafe for some nice seafood with garlic sauce and rice and a Singha Beer. I had started looking at tomorrow for some things I want to do as well and looked at the map at the cafe over the dinner and relaxing a bit with the beer. I know the general direction of things and it happens to fit very well with having breakfast tomorrow at Starbucks. Handy how that works!

Now I’m back in the room because I’m kinda lazy and I feel like I got done what I wanted to do today. Now its apple music and reading a bit and considering I only have a week and days left here in Bangkok. Its really amazing considering I left Phnom Penh on January 21st for a week in Singapore. Then I spent almost 90 days in Malaysia and finally now here in Thailand. Now I’m approaching the tail end of time and will be leaving again for the home base on 14 June. Getting back to Cambodia will be nice because things kinda slow down there. I have dinner around the hotel with friends either ex-pat or Khmer, drink beer out front at night, gossip with my friend Katy, and watch the flow of the evening. Having two weeks in Phnom Penh this time means I can also make it to the Tokyo Barber Shop and get a haircut and beard trim and also see my friend Jonathan that owns a camera shop down by the Central Market. I will also catch numerous tuk tuk rides around Phnom Penh and will probably end up by the riverfront for beers and cheap food at my little dive bar. I hope the beer is still the same price :-).

Saturdays really bring out the reflection I guess. Music and a few beers does not hurt. I think about the last year and then some. Good times all. Even some simple mistakes made with booking travel that I corrected. Someone on twitter I know is a solo traveler and she always seems torn between the travel and doing it solo. I think she wants a boy friend but then she would not have the same things. Some other people are digital nomads and will post about their times figuring out how to make money in a location independent way. I read yet other people that do RTW or gap year things. Its dawned on me I am none of those. I don’t need to work. I am not limited and I don’t need a gap year. But the badge of digital nomad is so wanted by so many people. I hope they get what they want and that somehow blogging and Pinterest and Instagram and Facebook groups are their salvation.

For me, though…

Its all for fun. I don’t need the things that any of those have or want. It creates a disconnect in some ways for me since I do have followers on twitter that are solo travelers, forever travelers, whatever travelers. Maybe instead they are vagabonds. I’ve lost track of the titles and labels and which one suits them. I do read their blogs and it always amazes me what blogging has descended to. It surely is not the way it was when I started back in 1999. Someone asked me my most memorable thing with blogging. I have to say its the downward trend in quality and content in favor of sponsored posts and ads and advertising. I still am here to read the words this Saturday night folks. I realize that my blog has a pretty simple theme going for it. I strived when I activated the 2019 theme to make it simple. I don’t want a bunch of BS between you and the words. I like writing the words. I love writing the words. Its another thing if you read them. I don’t count followers or Pin things or ‘gram things that should be ‘grammed. I do have a instagram account but it only has about 120 followers. And that seems okay too this Saturday night.

I’m here in Bangkok. I don’t have lessons learned or the 5 things you should do or the itineraries. Instead if you read this thing, I will strive to not create borders around the page and the words. I think you come here for the content and pictures.

Saturdays are just this way for me.

Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.