Its a Happy Thursday!

Its morning here in Bangkok. About 10am and listening to the news. I went to the delightful local coffee place where the very nice Thai woman now knows what I want each morning. Her Latte is always the best! I also stopped at 7/11 to get some pastries for cheaper. I think by 11am I will be leaving for the BTS to ride to MBK Center so I can catch the bus tour for the day. I have a few stops I want to do today. There are two museums and a temple to see and maybe more. I will still have one more day to see things on the tour which I could do tomorrow or Saturday.

Turns out one I sign up on the tour, I have to do the second tour the next day. So tomorrow I am off again on the tour. Today I did the heritage tour part of the way. I went to the Siam Discovery Museum which was kinda cool and then did the National Museum was was f’ing awesome! Its in a number of buildings the cost is pretty reasonable. You get artifacts from the prehistoric periods through Khmer times and up to the present day in a beautiful set of displays and information. I spent about 2 or 3 hours wandering the museum today.

I could not find where the bus tour would pick me up so I hopped a tuk tuk and as usual they want to start at about $10 USD. These guys are one of the reasons i dislike Bangkok. There is no real reason to charge me that much for a few mile drive. In Phnom Penh, I would be unhappy to pay over $1.00 for a ride to the riverfront area on Grab. Its just a ripoff and they know it. The first guy started at 300 baht. I said 200 baht. He said 250 baht. I said 200 baht. He would not waver. Lets just be honest here. 200 baht is about $7 USD. That is not cheap for a few KM ride but its what I paid to get back to MBK Mall and then catch the BTS home. I bet Thai people don’t pay like that. Its just one of the many things that piss me off with Thailand and why I’m glad to be leaving. Some folks think we are just giant dollar signs with legs. Others would prefer to ignore a person even when they are in an establishment to eat or buy something. Perhaps they are looking for the markup in cost. Somewhere along the line Thailand lost its soul with how to manage the tourism industry and I hate it. Tuk tuks are just one piece of it. Small and large businesses are the other. If you take all of that and magnify it you have what Bangkok is. A city with no soul, character, mood. Just a big city with lights and skyscrapers and malls. KL has it all over Bangkok for heaven’s sake. In the end, I leave in a few days and I am glad. There is no country of smiles here. If there is one sign I will always remember about Thailand its,


And that’s it. Genuinely and honestly, that is about it for Bangkok.

Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.