Siem Reap to Phnom Penh to Ho Chi Minh City

I’ll be back in Phnom Penh in two weeks. Be there for two weeks to visit some friends, get a few things done I like doing there like visiting my favorite barber shop and also going back to tour the Palace and Museum. I like both of those so I am going to spend a day doing those things. Tbey are kinda close to each other so its pretty easy to find them.

But then on 29 June, I take off for three months in Vietnam. I’m pretty happy to be going back seeing Ho Chi Minh City (resisting the urge to write Saigon), Can Tho, Phu Quoc Island and then Da Nang and Hanoi. I don’t really have a list of touristy or non-touristy things I want to do. I like just the day-to-day living there so I splurged and got a nice Airbnb in HCMC for my stay. Rest of the places are in hotels for a week to two weeks so prices are not terrible. I will be really glad to have some Pho again to tell the truth and I have been missing a variety of other foods so I will go back and eat some of just about everything but will turn the notch up and have western food every so often because over in Da Nang is this American breakfast place I must visit again. Its the only place I have been that makes true American breakfasts and its owned by a wonderful expat Lady that also does a social mission for young Vietnamese wanting to learn hospitality. I can get pancakes, potatoes, eggs, bacon, and toast there and just feel all spoiled rotten inside.

Since Da Nang is my favorite spot, there are coffee places, dessert houses, restaurants that I want to visit again. I had some of the best variety of food in Da Nang and in Hue. When I get up to Hanoi there is the small Pho shop that sells only Pho north of Hoan Kiem Lake. No menus there. You go in and sit down and you get a bowl of Beef Pho. I hope to meet my Vietnamese friend Cat for dinner one night as well.

Vietnam is a treat to visit I think. A treat for all the senses. Its the people and the places and the history and wonder of seeing young children smiling their hello’s. I just love being there. As I mentioned I don’t have a set of places to go this time but there are bunches of day tours one can do to turn the page and get to somewhere else but I much prefer just to wander the cities on foot. I seem to get more from meeting the city on its terms with my camera and my steps than I do with some well-meaning tour guide limiting the left and right turns to ensure we stay on schedule.

Going Forward…

Then there is going forward and 2020 looms. I start with the trip back to the US but have been busy booking Riads and my first flight to go see Morocco. Morocco gives up to 90 days on the entry stamp for US citizens so why should I settle for less? I also will hop over to Turkey and then Egypt and finish up in Dubai. I am thinking after that it will be around June or so. I should go back to Cambodia then or something or perhaps I will visit Malaysia again and start with Johore and work my way north on the train to Butterworth and my favorite place of all in Malaysia George Town.

Its gonna be an interesting 2019 and I think 2020 is gonna stretch the boundaries and take me to places I have never been. Wandering Morocco, seeing Istanbul, visiting the Pyramids and finally seeing the cosmopolitan Dubai. I’m pretty thrilled by the whole plan even though I don’t know the when and how of things yet.

Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.

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