Moving from to A2Hosting

I am going to be migrating the content from to a2hosting in the next few days. I bought a cheaper plan with unlimited storage there but wanted to tell you all the reasons so you can see if you should do a similar thing or are good;

  1. cost. The cost of the premium plan is $8 a month this includes some storage space as well as access to themes only that wordpress offers. There is no way to use custom plugins or themes. There is no way to edit the themes besides some custom CSS.
  2. upgrading to next level. the next level for me would be the business plan. The business plan costs $25 a month. That is a significant difference only to have support for themes and plugins. Its to wordpress’ loss that they don’t offer more textured upgrades such as so much for storage, so much for themes, so much for plugins. Not everyone is a business blogger.
  3. staying at the same plan. Staying at the same level does not provide what I really want but moving to a host like siteground or bluehost does not either. There is no way to have better storage plans on siteground and bluehost has routinely bad reviews for hosting. Staying at the premium level also does not work at wordpress for me because I would like to expand my blog a bit which I will go into below.

I’ve hit the ceiling with the plans on hosting. There is no place to go further without buying a significantly expensive business plan which has the features I want but charges for a bunch of stuff I don’t. I want to create more of a portal for my travel photography and have some flexibility on how it works, looks, etc. I’ve given up on instagram because it is not a photography sharing service. Its a micro-blogging service with photographs included. Feature wise it does not provide an adequate method to actually share photographs or comment with other photographs. Nothing on instagram has changed that I can see besides the rather vapid and stupid content along with the pictures everyone posts of themselves in every picture.

So I quit. I also decided twitter is no real friend. My issue with twitter is that the followers I have are completely different and do not do what I want or enjoy reading about. Blogging has changed for the worst to me after 20 some years of doing it. We are past the content part of things and on to the money part. I don’t choose to represent myself on twitter monetizing my blog or doing Pinterest or engagement things for instagram. My goals are to simply share a set of photographs I choose of places I visit so my social media engines are going to be simple and I will focus on the blog to let you see the places. From here on out it will be Facebook because I have real friends there and I do not want to lose connections with them and I will continue to use Mastodon which I enjoy immensely as a great signal to noise engine for sharing photographs. I may experiment with flickr again as well but I am not into adding yet more social networks. i don’t believe photographers or those like me that enjoy the art of photography are well served on either twitter or instagram.

So its time to move along and get the blog on a2hosting which is simple actually. I can simply repoint my DNS for to the dns for a2hosting and be done with it. I then upload my export files to a2hosting’s wordpress instance and I have a shiny new blog that I can manage a bit. It opens up the whole theming, plugins, and photography abilities for me and I can look at sharing google photos using a plugin or building custom pages on wordpress to show the places I go

In the end its all I want. I want a way to share what I see and I believe the blog is the best way forward on this.

I am not sure when I will make the DNS changes but having gone through this before, nothing is particularly challenging so I am waiting for the hosting provider to tell me my new wordpress instance is ready.

Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.