Why I bought the WordPress Business Plan

I am not a business nor an affiliate or selling anything nor will I ever sell anything. There were a few reasons that I decided to go with the business plan and I’ve since thought through what I will do next. I enjoy the better storage options with the business plan. I like the ability to upload themes which opens a larger net to being able to customize and produce more of a photography element after awhile. I enjoy being able to use plugins that can be uploaded. There are a few other options as well which perhaps are important. One is stability and use. My blog is important to me whether it does e-commerce or sales or other stuff or not. I want to publish posts on my travels and not be challenged with different security or other issues. I also want to play with the blog a bit. The business plan does not really allow much in the way of play like hosting the site on a Linux VPS would but the VPS solution, which I have done many times with WordPress, means I have to pay attention to Linux updates.

I know I will not stay with WordPress past May of next year because of the expense but I also know that I will be testing a new provider way before then to ensure that the basic things work. I do not believe that a2hosting would have ever worked and frustration had struck so its easier to just take the current option and take the credit I got for my account and pay the difference.

Here though is what I would like for a hosting provider:

  1. unlimited storage and unmetered transactions. I don’t want to be bullied over a photograph or something and I don’t want access to be throttled because of some reason.
  2. i don’t like unmeasured security that causes a lack of functionality for the basic use case. WordPress.com is not perfect here either but for the meantime it works for me.
  3. themes and plugins to use as I wish to extend my site and be able to manage images and content against the visual quality of the site. I’ve enjoyed playing with themes the last few days.

So in the final analysis, is the business plan worth it if you are not a business owner or digital marketer or online or affiliate? No! Its not worth it but I got a discount because of my current account with them. I would never just renew the business account for a year at the price and I believe wordpress.com does us a dis-service but not offering more textured upgrades. We are not all transitioning from premium to business.

So what’s next…

What’s next is to find a hosting provider that will give me a basic and vanilla Wordpess installation with no security plugins, blocks to access, and meets the thresholds. Will I last until next year here? It is kinda doubtful. I could move again and not renew the plan and export my content and leave. I am not 100% with how wordpress.com does stuff. I do believe there is the element of doing a thing that will not last but give me some fun and enjoyment so when that wears off, I may decide to move again this year or next. Nothing locks me into using wordpress.com and I cannot see paying the full cost for a business plan again. In the meanwhile though, its nice to have something that functions, that I can update, that I can play with as I want.

If I were to find a thing that is the next thing tomorrow, I would probably do the same things again. Try it out, see if its a thing I want, etc. Blogging is not about making money to me. It is more about a platform I can enjoy and use and be happy with. I want to share more photographs, more travels, more places with everyone. I do this only because I enjoy it and I don’t really care about the expense of it all except if the expense means a limiting factor is suddenly employed.

Should you use wordpress.com? I don’t think so in all honesty if you are going to move past the premium plan and you are not a business. Its not super impressive what you get besides the points above which are significant to me. Again, there is the familiarity, ability to use a similar interface to publishing, the storage, themes, and plugins. All of that can come with a different provider for less.

So let’s see where things go. I do know where I am going in three weeks. I am leaving for Vietnam for 3 months or so end of June and that has me pretty excited! A thing though that has really frustrated me is the camera thing again. Yesterday the little Lumix camera just started with errors and finally would not even start but only show a system error each time. Cameras are the bane of my existence but I have to have a camera. I dislike shooting photographs with a phone. There is something about it which is not fun or playing or how I would use the camera to record a thing. Now I have no camera again which is frustrating. So when I get back to Phnom Penh in a week I will sink more money into cameras and buy the FujiFilm X-T30 camera. I hope it lasts longer than three months. Maybe I should just wait and buy the Sony RX100 Mark VI camera. I don’t know that the little compact cameras any more will just work for me either. Cameras are extremely frustrating points to me. They are not stable things, do not last, and cause problems when I least want them to. If I just shot photographs with the iPhone I would have still had the same camera since I left for Southeast Asia.

Very frustrating.

Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.