Learning iPhone Photography – there’s more to it…

And I am pretty glad to have found a few things to help me learn more. Since I started focusing on using my iphone 7 plus, I have wanted to find an app or two on IOS that would maximize a few things. First thing is the ability to both take automatic shots with reasonable defaults but also have manual controls which extend how I use the camera in new ways. I found the Halide application which has a wonderful default set of functionality but when you are ready to pick up the pace it offers a bunch of under the hood power. The app allows reasonable and sensible automatic controls but since the iPhone 7 plus has twin cameras it can also provide additional functionality. One of the other things it does which I am just getting to is shooting RAW files. For a long time on digital cameras I swore off ever shooting RAW files because of the cost associated with apps that were then required to edit those files. Having it all on the iPhone makes it simpler with an app that is integrated with Halide. So enter Darkroom. When I want to create images that extend beyond what the defaeult does with automatic shooting, focus, and basic management; I can shoot in RAW format and then pass the files to Darkroom for processing. I had not thought that this would be a thing I would do but learning how it can all be done in a basic workflow means I can extend photographs which I choose that should be post processed but still on the iPhone.

I bring all this up for a few reasons and perhaps it has challenged some preconceived notions I have had with how powerful and flexible iPhone photography can be. There is a sense of flexibility with using a device like the iPhone 7 plus with an app like Halide that is a powerful learning and education tool but then since I have nothing but time really I can get RAW files into Darkroom that I want to work on and create an additional level of value. Its all about learning!

The iPhone 7 plus and perhaps in the future a new iPhone when I get back to the US means I do not need to buy expensive digital cameras for what I want to do ever again. I have a set of never-ending learning tools in Halide and Darkroom and if I just want the basics, Halide does that too.

I’m very impressed thus far with the flexibility and use of both apps. I plan on taking them both out for a few walks around Siem Reap while I’m here for the next days and then extending my use of them in Phnom Penh. Its exciting, challenging, and a sense of fun to find a thing which I thought was so basic and sometimes without a sense of learning to have levels of functionality I never knew existed and not have to spend countless thousands of dollars to do things which I can learn at my own pace on. Its all in the same device I use day to day for other things which really makes the whole flexible, fun, and creates new levels of entertainment.

I wondered before while still using a variety of digital cameras what it would be like to just shoot photography on the phone. Now I can see that whatever I may want to do to an image, the combination of these two applications and whether i have an iPhone 7 Plus or whatever I upgrade to, will always be a sense of fun and rewarding times!

I am very appreciative of apps that really cost so little that will give me entertainment, knowledge, and a sense of fun again around photography.


Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.