Another day in Phnom Penh

Today I decided to walk from the hotel to Central Market down Russian Boulevard which is the home of a lot of government buildings. I don’t think they really want people taking photographs there so I did not. I reached Central Market and then found a cheap little restaurant where I had some chicken basil spicy and two Fanta Orange drinks for lunch. It was quite good and the cost the chicken dish, steamed rice, and two Fanta Orange drinks was $4. Not too bad! Tonight I will have pizza at Romano’s Pizza. Have not been there yet. Will have to catch a Grab tuk tuk there and back. Its down where I was walking today and by my friend’s camera shop.

Anyways, here are some images from today. A few were slightly edited in Snapseed for fun and kicks. I walked back another way to the hotel and all told did about 7 miles today walking. Good day!

The fourth image was taken in HDR on the iPhone camera. It captures both an HDR and non HDR image. The non HDR image had blown out the sky colors to white. Glad I am using HDR auto on the iPhone 7 plus now. The first two images I edited gently in Snapseed and I cropped the last image a bit. Most or all of these are just taken as I walk with the camera. I don’t have any creative desires other than to see things which look interesting, capture them, and then continue.

Its so much easier now with only using the iPhone. Pretty happy that one smartphone has lasted longer than 4 cameras. Kind of an amazing yet frustrating statistic.

Anyways, gonna leave pretty soon for the pizza tonight. Tomorrow am going to another market called the Russian Market first and then will walk to Independence Park for awhile and perhaps have lunch downtown again. Tuesday I will go to Aeon Mall first and then get my haircut and beard trimmed at the Tokyo Barber Shop. Its my favorite place for the haircut thing and its some “me” time I enjoy doing. I’ll be down to 1.5 weeks in a few days. It will be nice to get back to Vietnam and spend time there. Will really enjoy the food there! Ho Chi Minh City is no slouch for things to see and do as well and I have three weeks there to do absolutely nothing besides go day by day.

Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.