Having fun in Ho Chi Minh City – glad you are not here

Its been a good almost week now for this retired kid. Been walking and playing with the new camera in a city that stretches all the boundaries of photography and fun. This city has it all for photography. Beautiful parks, wonderful skylines, lots of people if you wanna reach your street photography soul, and finally beautiful old buildings that blend old and new together into a fanciful mix of life and history.

In walking the city on a daily basis, one can see so many different sights and get lost in the moments on the streets. Going down a block here or there one can find the little alleys and side streets with the small coffee shops that are always inviting, little Pho or Bun Cha places that have the wondrous aromas moving all around, and businesses that do everything from fashion to camera or phone supply stores. People move slowly down the alleys perhaps stopping at each place to do a bit of business. I stopped this morning for an iced milk coffee at a nice little Pho place and sat at the aluminum table for some priceless moments of reflection while the city thrums and hums its business soul all around me. I came to a few conclusions about life in general which always seems to happen when I have the moments with the coffee and no place to be:

  1. life in general is pretty fucking awesome now. I have no place that requires my presence so if I sit for an hour with the coffee or move to the park to watch the children playing, its all part of the moment or moments I have.
  2. blogging has been fun and that’s a good thing for me. In the past, after 20 some years of doing it I grew tired of the ebb and flow of a blog. Back in the late 1990s, it was about things like authority and referring to another blog by linking or amplifying what that blog said by referring to it by its perma-link. That’s all changed and as a friend would say most likely for the worst. Its always been the case though that I have not blogged for anyone else but just for me. I do this for the creation of the words next to each other. If you get joy out of that or you disagree such is life. I ain’t doing this for you though nor do I care whether you read or not. I will continue to write my drivel whether I have a single page view or not. This has brought joy back into mudville for me.
  3. travel and tourism is not what I do. I’ve come to realize reading a few things that what I do is is different at a seminal level than the travel and lifestyle bloggers, the backpackers, the gapyear-ers. I don’t need to have a “back” to go to at all.
  4. fun and profit and good times are important! Why do things if you don’t have these and this has become even more important to me. Things like photography, walking, writing content that perhaps no one reads, is all done for its own sake. I also compile a daily diary for a different audience. Namely me. I have had fun and profit and adventure doing this exactly this way for over 20 years using many of the parts of things.
  5. finally, YMMV. You may do any of the things for different reasons and I’m good with that. You can read this to mean I don’t give a damn. For one thing, I pay for this space and I write these words and you pay for your space and you write your words. If you write your words to make someone’s lot better, good for you.

Realizing the 5 things over coffee this morning and then considering it on a taxi ride later and a walk back to the hotel made me realize how doing what I do in the five areas has enriched my life in so many ways. Its like someone said once though,

if you depend on someone else to make you happy, to challenge you, to get you going, you are fucked

Perhaps that was me. I ain’t sure. So sue me. I also will just continue to do this so if you follow along on the voyage, I’m glad to see you. If you don’t, I am glad to not see you. What makes me the happiest is seeing words on a page which takes things from here to there. Whether they are personal words in a diary or drivel I write here; only matters to me.

Those are the things that Ho Chi Minh City gave to me today and why I’m glad you are not here. You’d probably gum up the works.

Just kidding 🙂

Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.