Travel Photography — Needed a place for awhile…

So I have tried to use Instagram a few times but I tend to get frustrated with it. Its not really meant to be a photo sharing site at all I don’t think. Its really a microblogging site which has photography sharing. So for a time I used primarily the blog and Mastodon to share photographs of things. Then I happened upon a passing conversation on twitter about Trover. Those folks did not want to use it  because I think they want something to gauge followers as a method of engagement so they can up their social media creds. Anyways, Trover sounded very interesting because what its about is travel and photography and that’s it. People share photographs. You can comment on them. You can follow others, create lists and then meet photographers or travelers with your interests or those that diverge completely. Its not about putting photographs up that are those instagram moments and there are no stars or giants. There are just photographers who share moments of travel. Trover calls them discoveries. You can instantly find other discoveries because of its excellent discovery stuff. You can follow people easily and you get notified when people like your work or comment on it. That’s it. No social media engagement, no instagram stars, no idiotic interface with no desktop application. Trover is simpler and kinder to me with a web application that works to upload photographs and a nice IOS app which does the same. It can also upload to Facebook and Twitter if you allow it. It basically can become the hub of photo sharing and let you share your travels from the hub. You only upload to a service a single time to share and it works!

For me, its far beyond what instagram could do or would do. I’ve found this thing I wanted which was to share photographs with other travelers, see their places and then they see my places. That’s it. No one counts followers like on twitter. No one complains about engagement levels. Its just photography sharing without the frills and stupidity. Its made me feel good about finding services out there that just work.

Transition to a few things of today…

So from that, I return to sharing on the blog which I love to do. The blog is a great central medium for sharing of images and discussing hopefully deeper and better things than the clickbait 5 things I did in Ho Chi Minh or the itinerary for 10 days in Stockholm. I want to create more value of what life is like; the goods and bads. Its not about doing so many things or visiting so many continents, countries, cities, and UNESCO sites. Its about finding one continent I could be happy in, with countries that amaze, cities that astound, and heritage sites which keep me coming back for more. Southeast Asia has become a home to me but not just some tiny corner of it. I want it all. And when I feel the need to head back to Malaysia or Singapore or Vietnam or even farther, its all possible. So, without further discussion, a few things that today brought my way.

Explaining a few of the things. The first picture is of the clock tower of Ben Thanh Market. Its the public market where most tourists and backpackers will shop, eat, and bargain at. Next is the central square where the statue of Ho Chi Minh, the people’s committee offices in stately French colonial buildings, and the beautiful and rather interesting twin Vincom Towers.

The Riverside Hotel is a beautiful building right along the Saigon river and then you see some pictures of the river as it flows down the city and finally two buildings that just captured my eye and I don’t recall where I took them.

Summing it all up…

Its also the end of my second week so I am moving into my last week here in HCMC. I will explore the city every day, take my morning coffees at a coffee stand or bakery, walk the steps and see the sights. HCMC does not ever disappoint in those endeavors. Now that I found something of value to share my photographic moments I can let some strange desire to use instagram fade away.

In a week, I am off to Can Tho for a week and then will fly to Phu Quoc Island for a week. Vietnam is also ticking by. 2019 has been an interesting wandering year for me but I think 2020 is gonna be different. I leave in October for Taiwan and then the Philippines and then back to the USofA for a short visit. Then the real adventure kicks in. More on that later :-).

Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.