Four Days to Hanoi

Its been a really nice almost two weeks here in Da Nang. I really love this city and its beauty, restaurants, night life, the river, and all the bridges! I have four days left here and then will fly up to Hanoi for 11 days. Hanoi is completely different and I’ll wander the streets up to the West Lake area and over to Long Bien Bridge and see lots of history and culture and the wild and wonderful Old Quarter with its mazes of streets, shoppes, and neighborhoods with different guilds.

Its a different type of thing than here where the wandering has been down wide city streets and the weather here has been spectacular as you have seen with a few of the photographs. There it likely will be raining since its that time of year here in Vietnam for the most part.

My time in Vietnam is winding down too and I’ll be heading back to Cambodia for a week and then off to Laos for almost a month. Its been most wonderful this time to and each place has given me something of value and so many memories. I really loved the city of Can Tho and its intricate streets and little coffee shops and restaurants. Phu Quoc Island was interesting and I really liked the night market. I also spent more on one dinner there than any place while gone but it was so worth it. I had the most delicious crab and prawns there. My memories will be though around the beautiful little local coffee shops in the mornings.

More Explorations!

Tomorrow is a day spent seeing part of Da Nang I have not seen which is the area around the hotel which has beautiful streets, old buildings, shops, and stores. I’ll start with breakfast tomorrow at the Happy Heart and will have their American Breakfast before wandering for the day with the camera. Its the one place I have not really seen so I am looking forward to the day spent exploring. I may also head across the bridge to one of the malls on Monday. I was there last year and had coffee on the 5th floor in the food court. Finally, may go shopping for a few little things I could want from here on Wednesday but will wind up the Da Nang fun with dinner perhaps at this steak restaurant which is also expensive. Another exploration and dinner at this place I had seen before but did not go to.

What to see, what to do or not

I used to be on twitter and followed lots of travelers and round the world backpackers and gap year people. I gave all that up and deleted that account with its thousands of followers. I also deleted my instagram account. I had lesser followers on instagram but it was the same core issue.

There was no relevance for what I do or how I live with all those people. They want itineraries and schedules and 24 to 48 hour things to do in a rush to see all the countries and continents. I don’t really care about those things.

I don’t publish lists of things you should do. In a city like Da Nang, you should just go. You will find the things of value. Restaurants, markets, food choices, parks, historic and cultural sites. All are here. You can find them so I don’t list them. I don’t have lists of things for you here. I just hope you visit Vietnam and give it some time. What you will do is up to you. I would say to visit Da Nang you have to spend weeks. Weeks give you freedom to find and to seek. Its that beautiful. With weeks you get the experience and the moments away from the press of time and the clock.


There will be these things to see not keyed to wondrous UNESCO sites. Just a moment or two at one of the beautiful bridges. All worth it!



Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.