Wrapping up Da Nang – Off to Hanoi

Its interesting when I reach the end the stay at a place that I like. Like a signal or flare after 10 days of just roaming the city with no real goals but realizing I did complete a thing of more importance and significance. I got to see parts of the city and the rivers and bridges perhaps you would not see visiting. I ate and drank here and there; sometimes to excess. I made it to the Da Nang Museum which is also where the old citadel and fort were and you can still see the remnants by walking the grounds of the museum.

There is a such a magnificence of diversity of the city that if I proposed the 5 things or 3 days or tours of this or that place, it could not cover the things well. I also learned more about the little things that perhaps make myself tick and those things that make others tick too.

So today is it for me and I bid adieu to Da Nang yet again with mixed feelings. I do know now that I will be back here for longer but not until next year. After this time in Vietnam other places claim me for months. There are fair winds and wondrous currents that carry us where we might. I have felt for two years that by simply wandering as I will that the little things that I could capture and then present back in the blog and to myself in my journal would create yet new maps of things yet to be seen. I have realized that traveling 30 countries in 26 weeks or seeing the 5 instagram moments leaves out sometimes the most stunning yet overlooked things and I’m glad I don’t do that.

Instead on this farewell to Da Nang I have come to realize that cities and nature are not made of the 5 best things but hundreds of small things that you touch or that touch you. An old bridge hidden. A farther walk that takes you to a place where other feet rarely go. Being selective and finding the quality in people and realizing that friendships are not about the chaff and I can meet hundreds of people that don’t rise themselves to the bar I set. Those people that were. Those I met on social networks long since deleted. Those I may have worked with in decades doing IT. You were either the wheat or the chaff. Many have just bidden goodbye and I understand how it works now after reflecting on it over my longer walk yesterday.

Walking serves so many purposes. Its our longest way of getting around but it also engages the mind in disruption or creativity or capture. So if there is a single thing of Da Nang from this time, it must be the sunsets and the beauty and the moments I managed to capture here that I give back freely to you all.


This from an iPhone 7 Plus on a day when the clouds split the skies and the sun favored only some.

On to Hanoi!

Tomorrow I fly to Hanoi and see a friend or two there and also do completely different kinds of photography. Hanoi is a street photographer’s best friend. Its a rough and tumble world of old quarter meets fashionable restaurant and small streets find Cyclos pedaling madly to a different beat of life than elsewhere in Vietnam. For 11 days, I wander that city and present my ideas and images back to you.

The FujiFilm X-T30 is ready to do service. The prime lens says its time. Vietnam Airlines will take me away for almost two weeks to the beautiful, wondrous, and crazy big city of the north. Hello Hanoi!

Author: Michael Perry

I've been blogging for over 20 years and now am living in Southeast Asia. The blog is about my slow vagabonding wherever I want to go. My home base is in Cambodia but I'm rarely there.